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California Sikh Man Barred from Job Over Beard Settles

California has settled a lawsuit filed by a man who was barred from becoming a prison guard because he refused to shave the beard required by his Sikh religion, officials said Thursday. Civil rights organizations said the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's policy amounts to...

Republican Party Chair Threatens to Sic Government on Newspaper

If you write a newspaper article in San Francisco that rankles a political leader, the government can step in and punish you. That sounds like red meat for right-leaning forces on the Internet, setting off a firestorm of rants about the liberal idiocy of our...
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Mixed reactions from business leaders to higher taxes

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says Congress wants to know what's working. She met with a group of small business owners Thursday morning to go over suggestions for how to grow jobs. "If you make $1 million a year, on your first dollar after $1...

KPFA’s Republican Activist

KPFA appears to have a Republican activist, and a high-profile one at that. She is Harmeet K. Dhillon, chair of the GOP in San Francisco and an innovative political strategist. She also heads a law firm which has been representing a faction in the station's...

KPFA: Cross Currents on Harmeet Dhillon

A few highlights: "If I were king for a day, I would eliminate the teachers’ union" "I think that there are a lot of Democrats that are anti-immigrant" Continue reading this article at

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