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Don’t Be the Next Lincoln Project. Do This Instead

Present Situations

The Lincoln Project is falling apart frantically. Many states, including California, hold employers liable for their inaction when it comes to harassment at work. They cannot turn a blind eye to such illegal conduct. And when they do, they must compensate for their wrong doing.

Not only can they be liable for employee harassment, but they may be strictly liable when the harasser is an employee’s supervisor. That means employers cannot avoid liability by sticking their head in the sand when higher-ups are acting inappropriately. 

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Anti-Conservative Bias in Hollywood and Beyond

Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune in the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, was eliminated from the show after her controversial post on social media and its resulting hashtag on Twitter.

California employees and job applicants are entitled to certain protections for their political activities, meaning that, under the law, they are protected from retaliation by employers for their lawful political activity. As per California Labor Code Section 1101 and 1102, employers cannot make any rules or policies that forbid or prevent their employees from engaging or participating in politics, nor can they establish rules or policies that control or tend to control their employees’ political activities or associations.

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