Dhillon on Impeachment and Midterms

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Impeachment, Midterms

According to Dhillon:

It is a little wacky and alarming I’m sure, particularly for Nancy Pelosi and other senior leaders of the Democratic Party. They won the election already. Now’s the time for them to coalesce if they want to get anything done, but there’s been signs beyond what we saw in the spectacle in your video today, that they want to change the rules to increase the threshold and the democratic caucus to 218. In other words, they want virtual unanimity. I think we’re are in for a lot of fissures and discord, which means we are undermining their ability to move forward with their agenda. I wish they had been more unified in the last two years and it would’ve potentially held onto more seats.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Impeachment, Midterms from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

Rolling back tax cuts. That is another one that’s really motivating to them. I don’t think they are going to have unity on that. The same money that got these people elected, the big corporate interests that want to see Democrats controlling the agenda, and they aren’t going to let those radical far left things happen. I think ultimately they are really going to be hobbled and getting it done but it’s going to cause a lot of acrimony and discord. The real battleground is not going to be for the speaker chair but for all the seats below it. Nancy might get the speakership, but the leadership roles below her may be going to some of these new radicals.

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