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This law firm is not afraid of anything. I was in a very contentious business dispute, Harmeet digested the facts, churned out a letter and complaint that brought the company down to their knees. The opposing side became desperate and the company closed down there after. Harmeet zeroed in on a board member bad actor and called her out. It was not a surprise that a few years later, that same actor was indicted in a multi-hundred million dollar securities fraud scheme. A scheme that Harmeet dissected without the government’s infinite resources. Simply put, if you need a top tier legal force, look no further.

Harmeet is an excellent attorney and is a very smart woman. She is very informative and on top of each task she is given. She is trust worthy and will do her best to make sure you are taken care of. I have enjoyed having her support me throughout the last year. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Harmeet for everything you have done.

We brought on Harmeet during a sensitive conflict, and she helped guide me through the process — she was thorough and direct. There was no doubt she was on our side and held our interests first and foremost in the process. I would absolutely work with her again!

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