Dhillon Law Group’s boutique business law practice areas include business dispute resolution, intellectual property litigation, privacy litigation, free speech and civil rights law, employment/labor litigation and counseling, and election and campaign law. As legal experts with offices in New York, Florida, New jersey, and California, it is our privilege to serve individuals and corporations throughout the country, both upholding their rights while also delivering optimal legal outcomes.

Clients choose us because they want a legal partner with a proven track record of results, a reputation for aggressive representation, and deep expertise in the issues that face Americans today.

We serve as the outside counsel for many private companies, business ventures, and serial entrepreneurs. From the boardroom to the courtroom, we work with our clients to understand their needs and then craft legal solutions that suits their risk tolerance, goals, and budgets. We treat our clients’ challenges as if they are our own.


We are privileged to work with America’s innovators and entrepreneurs. It is the job of our legal experts to provide the experience, skill, and collaboration necessary to enable our clients to establish and grow their business – from inception through exit, along with all the issues that come in between.


Our firm has received national press coverage for our handling of numerous high-profile civil rights cases—cases where we have championed our clients’ rights to speak and to assemble, without fearing persecution based on their national origin, race, sex, religious belief, or political affiliation.


Representing many of the top names in Silicon Valley, our legal experts maintain a robust intellectual property practice incorporating copyright, trademark, and trade secret matters.


Our team of successful litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing business clients in a range of commercial disputes, including disputes in state and federal courts and in mediation and arbitration.


Our team represents business clients in the collection of commercial claims and enforcement of their rights as creditors. We have the experience needed to help clients in a wide range of industries.


Founder Harmeet Dhillon, the RNC committeewoman for California, leads the firm’s political law practice. Our legal experts consult with political clients on such issues as campaign finance, ethics, ballot integrity, candidate qualifications, ballot designations, intellectual property issues, and election litigation.


We have represented many clients in employment and labor disputes, representing both major employers as well as employees. Our legal expertise encompasses a range of issues, including alleged misclassification as an independent contractor, wage/hour, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, and discrimination claims.


Prevalent in today’s workplace, sexual harassment is considered to be a form of gender discrimination. Our attorneys represent the legal rights of those who are subjected to this discriminatory behavior, especially in the workplace.


Our robust First Amendment practice provides counseling to clients on all the nuances of free speech law, as well as the rights and liabilities that come with it. We also regularly litigate defamation cases on behalf of individuals and organizations, and are leaders in protecting the free speech rights of students and professors.


Privacy and security laws affect any business that collects, uses, transfers and/or discloses personal data. The attorneys at Dhillon Law Group help companies understand and stay in compliance with these constantly changing regulations and best practices in this area.
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