Campaign Law and Political Lawyer

Harmeet Dhillon, former Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party, leads the firm’s campaign law and political law practice. The firm advises political clients on a wide range of legal issues including campaign finance, ethics, ballot integrity, candidate qualifications, and ballot designations, as well as intellectual property issues pertaining to campaign messaging, and speech issues relating to elections. The firm’s attorneys regularly practice before the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), Sacramento courts for emergency writ petitions, and in state and federal courts throughout California in political and campaign law matters. Dhillon Law Group Inc. regularly represents several political consultants, state and federal candidates, ballot measure proponents, political committees and elected representative political bodies.

Representative matters include:

  1. 2014 – Successfully challenging the nomination signatures of a candidate in Congressional District 17 (Honda)
  2. 2014 – Successfully challenging the Secretary of State’s refusal to properly credit the filing date of Assembly candidate Chuck Page
  3. 2014 – Representing a county party Central Committee before the FPPC in an investigation into campaign finance matters from the 2010 election
  4. 2013-2014 – Represented a local elected official before the FPPC in a matter relating to the authorization of and payment for robocalls
  5. 2013 – Represented county central committee in labor dispute
  6. 2013 – Represented county central committee in dispute with aggrieved board members seeking officer position
  7. 2012-present – Represent the California Republican Party in trademark disputes pertaining to unauthorized use of its registered trademarks
  8. 2010 – Represented community college board candidate in writ challenge to late-filing by politically connected candidate
  9. 2010 – Represented officers of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County in high-profile anti-SLAPP special motion to strike against complaint seeking injunctive relief relating to county central committee election.