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The ADL Has Lost Its Way. Elon Musk Is Right to Stand Up to Its Censorship | Opinion

As a young law student back in in 1987, I read an article about "human rights violations" being perpetrated by Israel in the National Law Review. Never a shrinking violet, I dashed off a letter to the editor in protest. A couple of days after it was printed, two letters arrived in my law school mailbox, both of them antisemitic and threatening. I was a bit spooked, so I called the Chicago office of the Anti-Defamation League.

Ronald Coleman
6th Circuit’s Sandmann ruling blurs the distinction between fact and opinion

6th Circuit’s Sandmann ruling blurs the distinction between fact and opinion

The majority’s creative interpretation of the line between fact and opinion creates a slippery slope that will undoubtedly be used by defendants to obscure the protected opinion doctrine in their favor.

Krista Lee Baughman
How to leave your law firm the right way

How to leave your law firm the right way

Jonathan M. Shaw
Calif. Atty Says Free Speech Bars BLM Tweets Ethics Charges

Calif. Atty Says Free Speech Bars BLM Tweets Ethics Charges

A Los Angeles employment lawyer facing ethics charges over tweets she made in May 2020 during Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd said the California state bar's disciplinary action against her must be dropped because the "enshrined" free speech rights of Golden State attorneys "depend on it."

Krista Lee Baughman

Lawsuits againts FCPS over sexual abuse case

Karin Sweigart

Unemployment benefit trouble

The EDD is accusing some pandemic-era claimants of fraud and demanding repayment, years after their applications were approved. In some cases, current wages are being garnished to claw back the unemployment money, even before appeals are filed.

John-Paul Deol
'Nate The Lawyer' Aims To Keep Trolling Suit Alive

‘Nate The Lawyer’ Aims To Keep Trolling Suit Alive

The YouTube personality "Nate the Lawyer" fought to preserve his defamation case against a New Jersey-based social media watchdog in a motion on Monday, arguing that he is the victim of online smearing and maintaining that his suit has met the pleading requirements for defamation.

Dhillon Law Group Obtains $6.6 Million Judgement in High-Profile Cyberstalking Case

Dhillon Law Group Obtains $6.6 Million Judgment in High-Profile Cyberstalking Case

Tampa, Fla. –– The Dhillon Law Group (@dhillonlaw) obtained a multi-million-dollar judgment for its client, Michael Reiterman, in a high-profile cyberstalking and defamation lawsuit.

Matthew Sarelson, Krista Lee Baughman

Gary Lawkowski on VPM News Focal Point – Free Speech

Gary Lawkowski
osha vaccine mandate

Conservatives Can End Coercive Vaccine Mandates For Good. Here’s How

I can hear the libertarian rejoinder. Banning vaccine mandates is coercion. But the law is full of restraints and protections. Employers cannot make hiring decisions based on race, sex, sexual preferences, disability status, and an ever-growing list of protected classes. And there is no serious call in the conservative movement to end employment discrimination laws.

Jesse Franklin-Murdock

FBI accused of raiding 30+ Trump allies Thursday

David A. Warrington

California Minimum Wage Hikes: A Noble Cause With Disastrous Consequences

That's why experts are skeptical of the new law. John-Paul Deol, Partner and Head of Employment Law at Dhillon Law Group Inc., is one of them. He thinks California workers already have plenty of protections under existing state and federal wage-and-hours laws. Thus, it's hard to see what the new law does to improve the situation.

"It is very unclear what benefit this new law adds to existing law, except to increase costs and bureaucracy," he told International Business Times in an email.

Instead, he sees the new law hurting the Golden State's businesses, especially the fast-food restaurant industry, where he thinks the $22/hour wage will force companies to leave the state or hike prices. "If businesses do not leave the state, you can bet that they will pass the high labor costs onto consumers, worsening the harm already done by inflation."

John-Paul Deol

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