First Amendment and anti-SLAPP Attorneys

Dhillon Law Group Inc. has a robust First Amendment practice, and is one of the only law firms focusing on California’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law, which protects the petition and free speech rights of all Californians. A first amendment attorney is a freedom of speech expert; our First Amendment practice ranges from defending and instituting claims for defamation and invasion of privacy, to successfully litigating anti-SLAPP cases on behalf of individuals and organizations, to advising clients on matters involving commercial speech and the interplay between free speech, intellectual property law, competition law and confidentiality issues. We achieved early dismissal of a high-profile dispute among factions of a Los Angeles-based political party in the case of The Republican Party of Los Angeles Count et al. v. Jane Barnett et al., successfully defeated an anti-SLAPP motion in the case of Woodell v. Bernstein et al., and our attorneys regularly present at seminars on First Amendment and anti-SLAPP law issues. Our first amendment attorneys are well-versed in media law and publicity issues, and our clients rely on us to advocate for and ensure protection of their constitutional rights.

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