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Don’t Be the Next Lincoln Project. Do This Instead

Present Situations The Lincoln Project is falling apart frantically. Many...
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Anti-Conservative Bias in Hollywood and Beyond

Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune in the hit Disney+...
Libel-And-Slander-Protected-By-The-First-Amendment-Law (1)

Libel And Slander Protected By The First Amendment Law

Libel and Slander When someone publishes or communicates a false...
CMIA And HPIAA Unauthorized Disclosure Of Medical Information

CMIA & HPIAA – Unauthorized Disclosure Of Medical Information

Unlawful Disclosure Of Medical Information Medical history often contains highly...
severance pay and unemployment benefits california

Purpose & Benefits of the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act

When employees are terminated, they are often asked to sign...
CA Supreme Court Holds Dynamex Is Retroactive

California Supreme Court Holds That Dynamex is Retroactive

In 2019, the Ninth Circuit asked the California Supreme Court...

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