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Withdrawing as Counsel: What California Attorneys Owe Their Clients

by Krista L. Baughman, a partner of the Dhillon Law Group...

Google and CEO Sundar Pichai had a good day on Tuesday – the rest of us not so much

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivered a deft and sly performance...
Wall Street Journal - Dhillon Law Group

Wall Street Journal: A Free Speech Rebirth at Berkeley

Prohibitive security fees will not reinforce the heckler’s veto.  ...
American Thinker

UC Berkeley Must Pay $70K and Change Policies to Guarantee Free Speech for Conservative Speakers

The campaign of the American left to silence conservatives on...
The Epoch Times

Foundation Wins Campus Free Speech Settlement Against UC Berkeley

The Young America’s Foundation has won a legal battle, forcing...
Lifezette Harmeet Dhillon

Conservative Group Declares Free Speech Victory Over Berkeley

'We wanted to level the playing field' on campus, said...

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