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Revenge Porn and the First Amendment

When Revenge Porn and the First Amendment Collide

Sometimes referred to as “revenge porn” or “nonconsensual pornography,” the act of sharing intimate images of another without their consent has the potential to create both criminal and civil penalties in California. Civil claims, governed by California Civil Code section 1708.85, may be sought when...
suing your employer in california

If You’re Thinking of Suing Your Employer, Think Twice Before You Quit

Suing Your Employer in California - Things You Should Know Sometimes, employees work in environments so intolerable that they quit their job and then sue their employer for wrongful termination. What these employees might not realize is the leverage they lose over their employer by...
Employment-Discrimination-Lawyer (1)

Don’t Be the Next Lincoln Project. Do This Instead

Present Situations The Lincoln Project is falling apart frantically. Many states, including California, hold employers liable for their inaction when it comes to harassment at work. They cannot turn a blind eye to such illegal conduct. And when they do, they must compensate for their...
gina-carano-the-mandalorian-cancelled (1)

Anti-Conservative Bias in Hollywood and Beyond

Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune in the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, was eliminated from the show after her controversial post on social media and its resulting hashtag on Twitter. California employees and job applicants are entitled to certain protections for their political activities,...
Libel-And-Slander-Protected-By-The-First-Amendment-Law (1)

Libel And Slander Protected By The First Amendment Law

Libel and Slander When someone publishes or communicates a false statement about you to another, the law provides a potential avenue for you to recover for damage to your reputation through laws preventing defamation (aka libel or slander). However, your level of public exposure can...
CMIA And HPIAA Unauthorized Disclosure Of Medical Information

CMIA & HPIAA – Unauthorized Disclosure Of Medical Information

Unlawful Disclosure Of Medical Information Medical history often contains highly personal, and sometimes embarrassing, information. Whether such information concerns past procedures, chronic medical issues, or a catastrophic diagnosis, it is with good reason lawmakers have created privacy protections for this sensitive data. So when a...

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