Dhillon on Supreme Court and 2020 Election

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss 2020 Election

The court would probably look, given the timing and the fact that this order comes down on the last day in which the three days where the secretary of state extended the voting. We don’t know how many ballots are affected by that. We should know that answer, but it seems very shady how they are keeping track. A court would look at, let’s assume this mistake occurred and does make a difference. If there are 300,000 ballots that came in after Election Day and the margin is 100,000, that makes a difference, but if it is 100,000 ballots and the margin is 300,000, it may not make a difference. You’re going to look at that practicality to see if it would’ve made a difference. Piling on with some of the other errors that we’ve seen, it may be sufficient enough, or the court may be unhappy that Pennsylvania authorities have simply ignored their order. That’s why this order came down tonight, they weren’t doing what they’re already supposed to be doing.

That is classic gaslighting. How are we supposed to come forward with the evidence when you’re locked out of the room where the shenanigans are occurring and to wear dust when you complain, they give you some binoculars and treated like a birdwatching expedition. That is un-American, that is not how our election is run in this country. If they are using Covid — they are using Covid as an excuse to lock observers out. That’s outrageous. The software glitch, that same software is being used in almost all of the battleground states. This could be a more widespread problem. I would like all Americans to be able to accept the outcome of this election whatever it is, but if we have this type of shenanigans going on, and we have Republican lawyers who for many years paid their mortgages with RNC money turn on the president and cover it up, that’s unacceptable. The president should fight, he should reach a conclusion, and the lawyers are out there doing that. You’re never going to feel comfortable with the results of this election unless there is transparency.

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