Michael Columbo

Michael Columbo – Senior Counsel

Michael Columbo is a seasoned attorney who provides his clients with strategic counsel and zealous advocacy, focusing on anti-corruption and government ethics practice, including whistleblower/contract fraud, conflicts of interest/self-dealing, transparency (public participation and public records rules), and government interference in elections. He also serves as counsel to state and federal candidate campaigns, political action committees, and nonprofits, including 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations, advising them on formation, governance, fundraising, and communications.

When Mike attacks his client’s challenges, he aggressively hunts for the practical solution and wise strategy, analyzing the issues in consideration of the letter and spirit of the law, our rights, the procedural rules, precedent and past practice, public policy, the political context, economics, and justice. When analysis isn’t enough, he is ready to go to the mat for his clients at any time. Mike brings with him his first chair experience in over 20 trials taken to verdict before judges and juries in addition to appellate cases, countless contested hearings, and as counsel on both sides of the table in depositions and investigatory interrogations.

In over two decades of law practice, Mike has been immersed in the interplay of law, government, and politics from multiple perspectives as few have. After serving as a law clerk to a civil trial judge, he prosecuted crimes as an Assistant United States Attorney, defended corporations in high-profile corruption investigations, investigated allegations of federal campaign finance violations as an FEC attorney, and counseled corporations, nonprofits, government officials, and high net worth individuals on compliance with state and federal political law rules and the defense of federal and state ethics enforcement actions. His practice has taken him from the halls of Washington to Dubai, New York, Texas, and California, and has involved diverse issues in many states. Mike is admitted to practice in California, New York, and the District of Columbia.

As a problem-solver imbued with a love of country, liberty, and the law, Mike frequently speaks and writes passionately about pressing legal issues and developments. Originally a native of New York, he has lived and worked in Japan, England, Washington state, Florida and for over 20 years in Washington, D.C. His home is in the beautiful North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where he lives with his family and enjoys sailing, kayaking, and camping.


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