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Creating a new business can be exciting, particularly as the business starts to grow and develop, winning clients, customers and investors. As time goes by, however, complications and conflicts can often arise among the founding members, creating a business co-founder dispute. Frequently, intense disagreements form among those who were there at the company’s inception regarding who actually founded it—and who deserves ongoing credit, ownership and compensation.

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At Dhillion Law Group, we help achieve efficient and final resolutions of these disagreements with the guide of a good business dispute lawyer. This is a point of emphasis for our practice, and at any given time we are hard at work on multiple co-founder dispute cases—the majority of which resolve before litigation becomes necessary. We partner with our clients and provide the stability and guidance that is critical in the midst of what are frequently emotionally draining and complex disputes.

Dispute Resolution for Co-Founder Conflicts of All Types

Business co-founder disputes can be complex and emotional. They often engender significant ramifications for the parties involved, for the future of the business, and for any potential fundraising efforts that are occurring at the time of the dispute, making expedient resolution a key concern. Getting efficiently to a place of closure often requires the guidance of business dispute attorneys who is skilled, experienced, patient and creative—someone with not only legal expertise, but business acumen and a knowledge of when it is best to be aggressive and when it is more prudent to exercise restraint. Our attorneys are pleased to put our experience in this field to work on your behalf.

Shareholder Equity Conflicts 

Shareholder equity conflicts can arise for a number of reasons. One of the most common conflicts is a dispute over each shareholder’s respective monetary stake in a company. In these matters, Dhillon Law Group aggressively represents our clients and pushes for a sensible solution—preferably one reached through mediation, not litigation.

Labor and Employment Issues

Disputes can also arise over labor and employment issues. In these matters, it is important to think through all possible ramifications when crafting a legal strategy, as an issue over employment or labor can have long-term effects on an individual’s resume and future hiring potential. Our legal team helps our clients think through these various, interconnected issues to arrive with the perfect business dispute attorney at a clear goal and to move forward with a set of creative solutions in mind.

Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes

Ownership of a company’s intellectual property is often a major source of friction between entrepreneurs. A dispute over ownership may involve trade secrets, copyrights or trademarks, and can include both intellectual property developed at the company, as well as intellectual property that one party may have brought with them from previous endeavors. For almost a decade, Dhillon Law Group has advised Silicon Valley businesses on issues related to IP, and we are proud to fight for the rights of our clients.

Pre-litigation and Litigation Services

When clients come to us with a business co-founder dispute, our first step is a thorough evaluation, beginning with discussions with our clients. We emphasize listening, and strive to understand where our clients are coming from and what they hope to achieve. From there, we assist them in setting reasonable expectations and goals, and brainstorming creative solutions that look beyond merely monetary solutions with an excellent business dispute lawyer.

Once we have analyzed the dispute from all angles, we act efficiently and aggressively to bring our solutions to fruition and to help our clients arrive at a sense of closure. We aim to resolve disputes before litigation becomes necessary, and succeed more often than not. When pre-litigation attempts do not achieve our client’s goals, we act aggressively and skillfully to represent our client in court.

Is Your Business Experiencing a Co-founder Dispute? Call Dhillon Law Group Today.

Our goal is to help our clients resolve their disputes and achieve closure, and this may look different from one client to the next. We achieve this goal by listening carefully; advising our clients on both the law and the potential business consequences of different courses of action together with an efficient business dispute lawyer, to help our clients understand the big picture; and ultimately fighting for our clients’ rights, both in pre-litigation efforts and in court, if necessary.

We understand that starting a new business can be both exciting and messy, and that disputes among co-founders often include high stakes and strong emotions. We help our clients achieve an expedient and sensible resolution that is imperative to disputes of this type.

The process begins with an evaluation. We encourage you to contact our team today so that we can begin developing a strategy. Contact a member of the Dhillon Law Group at your next convenience.

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