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Theft of Trade Secrets Lawyers in California

For innovators and entrepreneurs, intangible assets can be invaluable. Trade secrets can distinguish your company from the competition, provide value to your customers, and give you the edge you need to succeed. Because of this, it can be a crushing blow when those trade secrets are stolen by another business.

This is an especially big deal here in California, home to so many tech innovators. With the recent enactment of the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) in 2016 – read the full text here – there are now both state and federal laws providing protection against the theft of trade secrets. Such laws may help you defend your proprietary information and intellectual property. Dhillon Law Group is pleased to work with local companies and to provide legal consultation in the field of trade secret law.

What is the Theft of Trade Secrets?

Before consulting with a trade secret lawyer, let’s define some terms. What legally constitutes a trade secret? Under California and federal law, a trade secret may include any formula, compilation, program, pattern, process, method, device, or technique that derives independent economic value from being known to your company but generally unknown otherwise. Further, a trade secret may be defined according to the reasonable, legal efforts made to keep it confidential.

As for the theft of trade secrets, federal and state law entitles a trade secret holder to seek civil remedies against any person or entity making any effort to wrongfully misappropriate the trade secret. Such remedies include monetary damages and injunctive relief, which can stymie the further spread of the trade secret information. Where a trade secret was intentionally stolen, the thief’s actions may also constitute a crime, and may be prosecuted by federal or state authorities.

Types of Trade Secret Theft

Some examples of the theft of trade secrets can include:

  • Outright theft of a secret device or formula
  • Bribery to attain access to proprietary information
  • Misrepresentations to secure access to trade secret information
  • Breaching a duty to maintain secrecy, or encouraging someone else to do likewise
  • Spying through electronic measures
  • Industrial espionage

By contrast, there is nothing illegal about discovering a trade secret independently, such as through reverse engineering. To better understand this distinction, it may be prudent to consult with a trade secret lawyer.

What to Do if You’re the Victim of Trade Secret Theft

If your company’s proprietary information has been misappropriated, it’s vital to know your legal rights. The loss of a trade secret can be devastating to your business, but you may have some legal defenses available to you—including filing a lawsuit against the thief and reporting the incident to state or federal authorities.

The best way to determine the correct response, and to be fully compensated for the loss of your confidential information, is to find a trade secret lawyer in your area for legal advice.

Theft of Trade Secrets Lawyers in California

Dhillon Law Group has worked with small and large businesses across California, providing them with the legal resources and frameworks necessary for them to succeed. In many cases, our work with business owners and others innovators has led us to represent them in lawsuits arising from the theft of trade secrets.

Our California attorneys can help you right the wrong of a misappropriated trade secret. The first step in the process is scheduling a consultation with one of our business lawyers. Reach out to Dhillon Law Group today to discuss the details of your theft of trade secrets case.

The information in this blog post (“Post”) is provided for general informational purposes only, and may not reflect the current law in your jurisdiction. No information contained in this post should be construed as legal advice from Dhillon Law Group Inc., or the individual author, nor is it intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter. 

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