A business concept, a trademark, an innovation—these are invaluable assets. If stolen, businesses could lose millions and suffer harm to their reputation. An individual falsely accused of stealing proprietary information can suffer undue consequences. Whether an established enterprise, a small startup, or a private citizen, Dhillon Law Group in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Virginia, has a long history of successfully representing clients in copyright litigation cases.

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Dhillon Law Group maintains a robust intellectual property practice that encompasses both litigation and prosecution in copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patent matters. Our expertise in the area stems from our extensive experience in business and constitutional law and from our long-time representation of many Silicon Valley mainstays and emerging technology companies throughout the country. We represent both businesses and individuals, and our legal team is prepared to represent you.

Dhillon Law Group understands the importance of intellectual property to your business and has worked closely with our clients to protect and monetize their innovations, brands, and content in both the physical and digital marketplace. In approaching any intellectual property dispute, we take care to understand our clients’ business objectives and how the particular intellectual property at issue fits in with the “big picture.” From there, working in collaboration with our clients, we are able to recommend an aggressive but balanced strategy to ensure our clients’ intellectual property rights are protected and returns are maximized while limiting downside risks.

Dhillon Law Group assists companies in protecting their valuable business assets, including their trade secrets and other proprietary information. We help companies structure their employment and nondisclosure agreements in a manner consistent with applicable law to protect trade secrets before they are unlawfully disclosed.

We routinely work with our clients when hiring employees who will have access to sensitive information, as well as at the time of their departure. In the event that a misappropriation of trade secrets occurs, we aid our clients in pursuing all available remedies, including restraining orders, permanent injunctive relief, and damages.

We also represent employees and businesses wrongfully accused of trade secret misappropriation and related causes of action. We partner with experts in computer forensics and other areas to determine if any violations have occurred and to assess the scope of the alleged violations. Dhillon Law Group vigorously defends employees and their employers accused of misappropriating trade secrets at both the pre-litigation and litigation stages of a trade secrets dispute.

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