Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Dhillon Law Group is a reputable sexual harassment law firm in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Virginia. We provide legal representation and guidance on sexual assault and sex offenses in the workplace. Our sexual harassment lawyers are well-versed in employment laws and civil rights laws. Our team is fiercely committed to protecting your rights and dignity in the workplace.

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At Dhillon Law Group, we have helped recover physical, emotional, and financial losses for victims of employment law cases and sexual harassment in the workplace. Our team of experienced and skilled sexual harassment attorneys will not only help you seek claims but also protect your dignity and reputation throughout the process.

Some Common Forms of Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. There are many examples of sexual harassment. It may not be evident that it has occurred until a pattern is discovered, while other times it’s obvious. It can be a single incident or many that together create a hostile work environment. It may even be in the form of retaliation. The harasser may be your boss, co-worker, client, or vendor. The conduct does not have to be sexual in nature and may include offensive remarks about another’s sex. If you feel you have been victimized, consulting a skilled sexual harassment attorney is your first and best option.

A victim of sexual harassment, especially at the workplace, can often struggle with destructive emotions such as anger, low self-esteem, concerns about receiving poor performance reviews or a demotion, or even fear of losing their job. The situation is especially worsened if the person harassing you is senior to you. But don’t lose hope—it is possible to take appropriate and timely legal action against the culprit with the help of a reputable sexual harassment law firm. Dhillon Law Group’s sexual discrimination and workplace sexual harassment attorneys can help you understand your legal position and determine the best course of action to seek justice.

If someone is taking advantage of you, don’t wait. Seek legal counsel right away. Many of these cases settle privately before a lawsuit is filed. Depending on the situation, there may be ways to protect your identity from the public. The law also protects you from retaliation if you report and pursue claims of sexual harassment. Dhillon Law Group has experience representing employees subjected to unwanted sexual conduct in the workplace and has successfully taken on private employers and the government.

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