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Gary Lawkowski on VPM News Focal Point – Free Speech

osha vaccine mandate

Conservatives Can End Coercive Vaccine Mandates For Good. Here’s How

I can hear the libertarian rejoinder. Banning vaccine mandates is coercion. But the law is full of restraints and protections. Employers cannot make hiring decisions based on race, sex, sexual preferences, disability status, and an ever-growing list of protected classes. And there is no serious call in the conservative movement to end employment discrimination laws.

FBI accused of raiding 30+ Trump allies Thursday


California Minimum Wage Hikes: A Noble Cause With Disastrous Consequences

That's why experts are skeptical of the new law. John-Paul Deol, Partner and Head of Employment Law at Dhillon Law Group Inc., is one of them. He thinks California workers already have plenty of protections under existing state and federal wage-and-hours laws. Thus, it's hard to see what the new law does to improve the situation.

"It is very unclear what benefit this new law adds to existing law, except to increase costs and bureaucracy," he told International Business Times in an email.

Instead, he sees the new law hurting the Golden State's businesses, especially the fast-food restaurant industry, where he thinks the $22/hour wage will force companies to leave the state or hike prices. "If businesses do not leave the state, you can bet that they will pass the high labor costs onto consumers, worsening the harm already done by inflation."

COVID Vaccine Mandates For Employees

Ex-United Pilots Say Union ‘Colluded’ On Vax Mandate

In a statement to Law360 on Thursday, the pilots' counsel John-Paul S. Deol said the union "shirked its fundamental responsibility" to represent its members.

"In the face of an unfair labor practice, the union did nothing, allowing our 10 pilots to lose their jobs and livelihoods simply because of their beliefs," Deol said. "We believe the court will ultimately agree with us that the union breached its duty in failing to protect these longtime, dedicated members.

"Representatives for the union and United did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Vans Shoes

Are Shoes Art? ‘Wavy Baby’ Case Tests Trademark, Expression Line

A trademark dispute between Vans Inc. and a Brooklyn-based art studio is set to rekindle a debate about how courts should properly balance free speech and trademark law

Can My Employer Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination?

Here’s Why The COVID Vaccine Mandates For Employees Need To End

The time has come for employers to stop mandating COVID vaccines and boosters for their employees as a condition of employment.

Judge sets hearing for key Trump search documents

NEW: Judge schedules hearing on potentially unsealing FBI search records after Trump Mar-a-Lago raid - @CELLIOTTTV on @FOXLA from Palm Beach, Florida

David Warrington joins “LiveNOW from FOX” to discuss the ISIS ‘Beatle’ hostage killings

David Warrington appears on “LiveNOW from FOX” to discuss ISIS 'Beatle' El Shafee Elsheikh sentenced to life for hostage killings

Project Veritas Panel at Freedom Fest 2022

The First Amendment and the New State Censorship: Project Veritas Panel at Freedom Fest 2022

‘The Ingraham Angle’ – New Impeachment Transcripts

‘The Ingraham Angle’ – New Radical District Attorney in San Francisco

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