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At Dhillon Law Group, a reputed employment law firm serving San Francisco, New York & New Jersey in California. We provide the skill and experience to assist our clients in resolving and litigating all types of employment and labor disputes, job discrimination, including mis-classification as an independent contractor, wage/hour, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, and discrimination claims.

We represent both employers and employees, and work closely with our clients to ensure that we pursue claims and defenses that closely align with our client’s goals. We provide thorough case analysis and develop creative approaches to the litigation process throughout the life of the case.

Our experienced employment discrimination attorneys are able to skillfully negotiate resolutions to many matters prior to litigation, as well as aggressively represent our clients in court, arbitration, and mediation.


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Employee-Side Litigation

Individuals come to us for assistance with California employee rights and many employment-related issues, including when they have been wrongfully misclassified as an independent contractor, discriminated against by their employer, wrongfully terminated, or refused their fair and lawful wages.

Our work discrimination lawyers are well-versed in employment and labor law and have helped countless clients recover what they are entitled to, or pursue damages when they have been wronged.

As an employee seeking our assistance, your claims will be thoroughly analyzed, and our job discrimination lawyer will craft an aggressive approach based on those claims.  When possible and desirable by you, we work to negotiate resolution of the dispute with your employer prior to filing a lawsuit, to save you the costs and life-disruption inevitable in litigation.

From negotiating with your employer to serving demand letters and filing lawsuits, our employment discrimination lawyer in San Francisco will aggressively represent your interests to ensure that you recover all that you are entitled to under the law. We have secured millions of dollars in settlements for employees in recent years.

Employer-Side Litigation

We work with many types of employers, from early-stage start-ups to well-established companies, representing their interests in labor and employment disputes.  When an employer is served with a lawsuit or receives a demand from an employee or former employee, we respond promptly and efficiently to analyze the situation and provide a roadmap for the best course of action.

Through consistent communication with our clients, we advise on the amount of risk associated with claims, and ensure that our strategy continues to align with the company’s business goals as the matter progresses.

When possible, we skillfully negotiate on behalf of the employer to achieve a desirable result before company time and money is spent in court. When a lawsuit becomes necessary, our employment litigation lawyers provide aggressive and competent representation by pursuing the most effective defenses and ensuring that the company’s rights are protected throughout the process.


Employers do not typically set out to break employee rights laws. However, given the complexity and ever-changing nature of labor and employment laws and regulations at the federal, state, and local level, employers sometimes fail to realize that the actions they are taking could subject them to liability.

Our employee rights attorney provide a wide range of services to assist employers in navigating these often muddy waters, and in staying abreast of developments in the law.

Compliance Counseling

Our attorneys advise companies on what it takes to comply with federal, state, and local employment laws, in order to increase workplace efficiency, uphold employee rights in the workplace, and prevent costly and protracted litigation. We offer practical solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

We take a preventative approach to compliance counseling, including by helping employers draft and review employee handbooks and contracts; conduct anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training; and evaluate and update existing policies and procedures regarding employee relations, to ensure best practices across all aspects of personnel management.

We help our clients develop practices that foster strong employee relations, protect critical assets, and meet business staffing needs. DLG is proactive in assessing and mitigating litigation risks, and developing plans to address and prevent against those risks, so that you can focus on your business.

From Hiring to Firing

DLG advises clients on all phases of the employment cycle – from recruitment to termination. We assist clients in the preparation of offer letters, employment agreements, arbitration agreements, and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. We support our clients by drafting performance evaluation forms, assisting in the implementation of performance improvement plans (PIPs), and advising clients on appropriate discipline.

And when the time comes, we are also experienced in guiding clients through the termination of the employee-employer relationship, whether the separation is voluntary or due to misconduct, poor performance, or layoff.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual misconduct has been an increasingly visible problem within workplaces across the country. While some sexual harassment cases turn into front page news, most victims’ stories are not heard. At Dhillon Law Group, our employment discrimination lawyer in California have ample experience representing individuals who have been subjected to sexual harassment, and faced personal or professional hardships, as a result.

Our attorneys provide empathy and compassion for those who have been harassed in the workplace, and we can help our clients determine the best legal procedures for seeing justice done. We are proud to provide a full complement of legal services for those who have been involved in these traumatic matters.

Whistleblower Protection

Situations can arise in which employees feel the need to speak out against illegal or illicit activities they have witnessed—but in doing so, they can sometimes be frightened of repercussions from their employers. These employees are often protected by whistleblower laws, however; in fact, California has some of the most rigorous whistleblower protections in the country.

Dhillon Law Group has ample experience defending Employee Rights of these individuals, and of ensuring they face no workplace consequences for their exercise of free speech. Our attorneys can provide a full spectrum of services to corporate whistleblowers who wish to see their rights upheld and their livelihoods defended.

Executive Compensation

Dhillon Law Group represents both executives and companies in negotiations regarding employee compensation. Employers want to recruit and retain top talent, and we regularly advise both parties on what to expect. Our skilled employment & labor litigation lawyers advise on the labor and employment implications of stock options and purchases, asset acquisitions, deferred compensation, and other business transactions.

We help companies establish attractive and balanced compensation and incentive plans that protect and promote the company’s goals, while also attracting and rewarding the best candidates. We help executives critically analyze their compensation packages and ensure that they are being appropriately compensated for their work.

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