Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Dhillon Law Group is a full-service real estate litigation firm that represents builders, property owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors. Shawn Cowles is the leader of Dhillon Law Group’s Real Estate Litigation Unit, and he uses his thirty-one years of real estate litigation experience – along with the expertise of DLG’s attorneys – to solve clients’ real estate challenges. DLG’s Real Estate Team is adept at handling contract disputes, construction defects, indemnity issues, slope failures, insurance coverage disputes, prompt payment law violations, mechanic’s liens, and surety bonds. Dhillon Law Group represents its real estate clients across the country at the firm’s offices in California, Florida, Virginia, and the New York City metro area.

DLG’s Real Estate Team has successfully resolved hundreds of construction defect claims. Our attorneys are adept at working with the necessary expert witnesses to defeat an opposing party’s allegations of construction defects. DLG’s Real Estate Team is experienced at bringing in the necessary design professionals, contractors and subcontractors into a lawsuit to defend our clients, and we know how to involve the applicable insurance companies to make sure insurers – rather than our clients – provide payments for legal fees, defense costs, settlement proceeds and judgment amounts in accordance with their obligations.

DLG’s Real Estate Team is accomplished at resolving breach of contract and indemnity issues. Our team of attorneys have extensive experience litigating unique construction law issues such as whether the work of a design professional constitutes professional negligence because it fell below the applicable standard of care; whether an indemnity provision is enforceable or if it is void because it violates a state’s public policy; whether a contractor – or subcontractor – breached a contractual provision because of its’ work or inaction; etc.

Slope failures involve complex issues of subsurface soil and groundwater issues that require an extensive expert analysis. DLG’s Real Estate Team possess vast experience in working with geotechnical engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers and slope repair contractors to solve slope failure problems. With its’ extensive experience of working with the applicable expert witnesses, DLG’s Real Estate Team provides its clients with the best chance of success in slope failure cases. DLG’s Real Estate Team has a as a proven track record of success in resolving slope failure cases, and it makes sure that the available insurance coverage is used to fund the repair of damaged slopes and conclude litigation.

Getting paid for one’s work can make the difference between staying in business or not. DLG’s Real Estate Team provides legal expertise about how to give your company the best chance of getting paid in accordance with a state’s prompt payment laws. If an opposing party refuses to comply with the applicable prompt payment laws, our attorneys respond aggressively by filing lawsuits seeking the maximum principal and interest payments that are available, and obtaining attorney’s fees once our client is deemed the prevailing party.

DLG’s Real Estate Team has decades of experience in complying with the detailed steps and procedures for recording an enforceable mechanic’s lien, which can easily trip up the less experienced. We do all we can to ensure that our clients settle or obtain a judgment for what they are owed, and we know how to utilize the important tool of a mechanic’s lien to make sure our clients collect on their settlement or judgment. DLG’s attorneys are proficient in working with surety bonding companies to guarantee payment for our clients for their mechanic’s lien claims.

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