Whistleblower and Workplace Retaliation

When a company breaks either state or federal laws, or takes action in violation of established public policy, employees have the right to speak up and make these violations known—without fear of retaliation. That’s the very purpose of whistleblower law —to protect employees who warn the public or the pertinent law enforcement officials about illegal corporate activity.

Whistleblower and Workplace Retaliation California has especially strong whistleblower laws. These laws protect both public and private employees—something that’s not necessarily true in every state—and also view certain instances of retaliation as criminal offenses.



California’s Whistleblower Protection Act offers strong assurances for employees—but only insofar as the law is properly understood and upheld. That’s where there’s a need for whistleblower attorneys in CA. Dhillon Law Group provides these services and is poised to protect the rights of any employee who has chosen to speak out regarding illegal activity.

Protection Against Whistleblower Retaliation

The Whistleblower Protection Act protects employees in a number of ways:

  • They safeguard employees against any retaliatory act following the report of a state or federal law violation.
  • These protections include any reports made internally (i.e. to a workplace supervisor) or externally, such as in a public hearing.
  • California’s laws extend this liability even beyond the employer, to include anyone acting on the employer’s behalf—e.g., a third-party management contractor.
  • California’s laws protect employees who disclose violations even if they do so beyond their regular/official role.
  • Anyone who is eligible for protection under these laws may file damage claims for any retaliation—such as repayment for lost wages or for damaged reputation.


California Whistleblower Statutes

As leading whistleblower attorneys in California, Dhillon Law Group offers ample experience representing individuals who’ve experienced workplace retaliation, or who have otherwise seen their rights impeded. Our lawyers offer representation in a range of whistleblower cases, among them:

  • Qui Tam – Our California whistleblower attorneys represent clients in qui tam lawsuits, wherein the law rewards whistleblowers in successful cases of the government recovering lost funds.
  • Environmental Whistleblowers—Our team has successfully represented whistleblowers who report violations of environmental law.
  • Corporate Whistleblowers—We provide representation for whistleblowers under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as Dodd-Frank.
  • False Claims Act—Dhillon Law Group protects the rights of individuals who report violations under the False Claims Act.
  • Federal Employee Whistleblowers—We provide representation for whistleblowers who are employees of the federal government.
  • Military Whistleblowers—For military service men and women who report fraudulent activity, we provide skilled and aggressive representation.
  • Data Breach/Cybersecurity Whistleblower—Dhillon Law Group has ample experience representing clients who report “cyber crimes,” including data breaches and information theft.


Dhillon Law Group’s Whistleblower Attorneys in California

Dhillon Law Group’s attorneys are nationally acclaimed but remain deeply rooted in the local community. We are known for our aggressive representation on behalf of each client, and for the rigorous preparations we make for each case—allowing us to always pursue the optimal legal outcome on behalf of our clients.

Dhillon’s attorneys are especially knowledgeable about whistleblower cases. Our lawyers will quickly determine the true nature of the dispute and advise clients on the best path forward toward their desired legal outcome.

To learn more about the legal services offered by Dhillon Law Group, and about our representation in whistleblower cases in particular, we invite you to contact our team of attorneys today.

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