Dhillon on 2020 Election Lawsuits

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘America’s News Headquarters’ to Discuss the 2020 Election Lawsuits

No, I have not spoken with the president, but I have spoken to some of my colleagues in the battleground states about what’s happening there. Yes, indeed, there will be litigation. It is not just about fraud, and so, you know, to correct what Chris Wallace just said, one does not have to prove massive fraud to get into the courts. In the Bush/Gore dispute in 2000, it was over whether ballots should be counted or not, not whether voters committed fraud. That’s the issue in Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania, there is a violation of our constitutional definition of who decides whether it’s certain ballots that are received after the fact are counted or not. And that is, indeed, ten of thousands. And so whether those ballots are counted or not remains a crucial issue in that state. And in some other states, we have seen, for example, overnight in one county 6,000 votes swaying in the opposite direction because of a so-called computer glitch. So when that type of irregularity occurs, I think it is fair to take a pause and make sure we do are recount in the states where that’s statutorily required or permissible as happened in 2016 with the Hillary Clinton and President Trump election and let that process play out before we declare victors. In our country the press doesn’t declare the visible to haves, the people declare the victors, and that process hasn’t concluded yet. So I’d like to see it play out before we conclude it.

You know, they’re flying fast and furious, but it isn’t that many. It’s in the handful of states that are remaining, so there have been multiple litigations, couple of which we won in Pennsylvania already over the counting in Philadelphia. There was a lawsuit filed in Nevada, there may be other lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania concerning equal protection or other types of issues. There may be litigation in Georgia. There already has been litigation in Georgia. And in Georgia there are some issues concerning so-called curing of the ballots curing by one party but not the other. That is an issue in some states as well. At the end of the day, these will all play out, the courts will have a say one with way or the other, and then I think people need to accept the outcome. As you just pointed out, a huge number of Americans voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and I want people on both sides to accept this outcome. That’s not going to happen if it looks like there’s a cover-up or a rush to judgment.

That’s actually not what I said. There actually is evidence of fraud. There are individual affidavits that are being filed

I don’t, I don’t telegraph my legal strategy in advance. When they are filed in court, you can read them. As you have already said on your show, lawsuits will be filed on Monday. So where you have affidavits from voters saying that somebody voted in their name already or that they were excluded or that their ballot was discarded wrongfully, that’s the type of evidence. It’s not for the media to judge that, it’s for a court to judge, and we’ll get a judgment from court one way or the other, and then there’ll be more finality.

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