Dhillon on 2020 Election Litigation

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss 2020 Election

Video Transcript (According to Dhillon):

Well, the fight is going well, Lou. There are a lot of lawyers around the country energized and volunteering. Several lawyers from my firm have done that. I have been busy 18, 20 hours a day sending lawyers different places to do different tasks, some online screening allegations of fraud and some getting ready to participate in a recount, some are involved in litigation. So I think we’re doing well, and we have significant allocations in multiple states. Now, what the democrats are trying to do gaslight us and our supporters by saying, first, there’s no ed of any fraud — evidence of any fraud. Second, there’s no evidence of substantial fraud. Then after we present that evidence, there’s no evidence of fraud that would affect the outcome of the election. We have issues involving whether ballots can or should be counted after the date of the election even though the Pennsylvania legislature did not change that law and other issues like that miscounting. Systematic problems with machines that verified signatures and so forth. So with all of those issues, we definitely are in the game in several of these states to turn the outcome. And, by the way, some of the states haven’t even been called or finished their counting yet. I feel good about that. We can give it our all over the next few days, and everybody’s doing that as far as I can tell. So, you know, at some point we will resolve one of these states after the over after the over, but it is quite premature and presumptuous, as you said, for the former vice president to declare victory, begin measuring the drapes and hiring staff. It’s a little bit early for that.

Well, they should stay in their lane. But as you know, Lou, in the last four years the media has been very much partisan, very much arrayed against our president and taking an oversized role. And now they are even doing things like calling out supporters of the president and/or calling out senators who refuse to congratulate Joe Biden on his premature calls for victory. That’s what CNN’s screens are being taken up with today. And so they’re really going over the line, and they lost all credibility, most members of the media. They need to get back into their place. Look, in 2000 everybody gave Al Gore the time and the space to go through his legal challenges. And as he put it repeatedly, this isn’t about his race, this is about the integrity of elections, and this is about Americans’ confidence in the integrity of those elections.

We had a call earlier today with all of the members of the RNC, and Ronna told us about all of the litigation. So we have a huge litigation effort going on. Nobody is conceding, nobody is giving in, nobody in the core of the Republican Party is out of step with the president. What you see is a few rinos, like you’ve pointed out, and other people who are part of this culture of lobbyists and pacs and all of that who have their eye on the next paycheck

This is the trump party right now, and 70 million plus Americans voted for him, and we are all entitled to a fair call of this election.

That’s right. I agree with you completely, Lou. And what people need to understand is that if we roll over and play dead or let the democrats just scratch our bellies like obedient dogs, we can count on never winning an election again in this country and never being taken seriously. So we need to fight, we need to make sure that the election results are certified correctly, and we need to root out any evidence and examples of fraud. For senators like Cory Booker and others to say there’s no evidence of widespread fraud, how much fraud is too much fraud for the democrats? There should be no fraud in our elections, and we need to make sure it never happens again. We already have a lot of evidence of fraud that’s been filed in court, but beyond that there are other legal arguments, Lou. So all your viewers should know that the Republican Party is continuing to fight, and we’re going to fight until this is fully determined.

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