Dhillon on the Democratic Agenda

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss 2020 Election

Well, it was glee, I was happy because Nancy Pelosi herself, by the way, not of the far left in her party, but she capitulate ared to them. She’s a multimillionaire San Francisco limousine liberal, but she let the squad dictate the policies and the campaign agenda in her party, and these are the results. Turns out that even democrats in America are not as extreme as the leaders who aspire to lead them. And so I think that what’s happening over there in the democratic caucus is like a game of musical chairs. Everybody’s wondering who’s going to be left standing at the end of the music playing. Here in California, we have several races where we expect to pick back up some of the seats that we lost in 2018. So it’s going to be a dozen plus that she loses, and she may not be the next speaker of the house. That would be a good thing, actually.

It’s so interesting when you look at the breakdown of this election result. First of all, you can see a lot of new republican women joining congress, and even with bob trump’s return — Donald Trump’s returns, he actually did very well with married women. So a lot of the fallacy out there about these traditional voting pattern patterns like, yo the left depending on the minority vote, these have been shattered but Donald Trump. It’s a different party on our side, and it’s a different party on their side. Their side is the party of far left, it is the party of Wall Street, it is the part of extremists and that doesn’t really sell in middle America. Most Americans don’t want their taxes raised, don’t want the far-left agenda that Kamala harris has been pushing. And they really like a normal life with some police to show up if there’s a mob outside. So I think that the chickens have come home to roost. As republican, I hope they don’t get the message, but I do give them credit, and maybe they’ll regroup and do better in 2022, and it’s our job to outsmart them.

There’s no mandate. That’s a talking point for her. She’s announced that she’s running again for leader, and the reason that I think part of the disastrous position that she’s in right now is to become the speaker in 2018, she made a lot of promises to a lot of factions in her party. In other words, he was in hock to that far-left squad s and she had to temper her more moderate rhetoric to come into line with them. If she wants to get the speakership again, she’s going to have to go in hand to them. There is going to to be a war in that party. Who’s going to come out on top? I predict it’s not going to be the squad, it’s going to be the moderates in the party if they know what’s good for them.

The media is just incredibly — trump derangement system has blinded a lot of the political analysis. Which Americans want their taxes raised? Literally, none of them. Or, frankly, if they’re smart and want somebody else’s taxes raised because that’s not sustainable, people don’t want their jobs to go away, to be outsourced. These are liberal talking points that play in the coasts, that play in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and D.C. They don’t play anywhere else in the world. And, you know, the other countries are laughing at us and, you know, we’re sort of committing, we’re cannibalizing ourselves with these policies. So she is rebuked, the democrats are rebuked, they are rebuked in the Senate as well. That’s why you’re seeing the markets show confidence even though we have an undecided presidential election right now. The markets are happy because the democrats are not in control like they promised. There was no blue wave, they lied to their voters, and they are now having to pay the price.

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