Dhillon on Holiday Lockdowns

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss New Lockdowns Looming by the Holidays

My reaction is, go back to the fairy tale in childhood about the boy who cried wolf. When you have these elected officials shrieking at level 11 at every development of up tick or down-tick in these numbers and then you see Lori Lightfoot standing outside with no mask, with a megaphone shouting into a large crowd of supporters you say these are hypocrites, that is overreaction. I can’t believe them. When you really have a crisis you need people to listen, wear a mask, wash your hands, normal distancing procedures, people don’t listen anymore. They’re fed up. That is my concern. It is ridiculous we had so many big public events with politicians leading them. Yet people couldn’t bury their parents. People couldn’t attend a wedding. People couldn’t attend the birth of a child. The husband couldn’t attend the birth of a child in a hospital. So the problem is a huge disconnect between our ruling classes and the reality of the ruled. There is a lot of discontent out there. People will not stand for endless lockdowns anymore, no matter what the experts say.

That is absolutely right. A lot of people in the United States, particularly on the democratic side, have really gas lighted the people who are against these lockdowns. They have said, oh, it is all a Donald Trump supporters, it is all rednecks or low I.q. people, whatever. They insulted people like me who argued in court against these lockdowns on legal ground because a lot of these governors are overstepping their grounds not to mention the president who does not have that power, Joe Biden, does not have the power in case you ever get there. When you look around the world, this is not a phenomenon of politics at all, this is phenomenon of governed and people tired of being abused, not getting straight answers seeing their politicians do something different than what they are prescribing for themselves. When you see for example, people on the other side saying in our country, hold on about these vaccines, I don’t know, the vaccine is coming too early. Hold the horses on the vaccine. If we had vaccines and administered them regardless of politics we might have fewer deaths in this country. You cannot play politics with that. You shouldn’t.

I wish politicians like him would talk less and spread less nonsense around. They have to understand the needs of the people and there needs to be balance in these policies. There is no balance. It is very one sided.

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