Dhillon on Legal Win in PA

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ to Discuss Trump Campaign Scoring a Legal Win in PA

This is an important case about a constitutional issue that is broader than Pennsylvania namely where you have a Republican legislature or Democrat legislature and they passed a law regarding deadlines for voting. Can other officials like the Secretary of State or the Supreme Court unilaterally change it if they don’t like what you did? And the Constitution is very clears. Only the legislature may set the time, place and manner of elections. The secretary of state of Pennsylvania decided to extend the deadline. People voting for the first time have to provide some form of identification and they extended that out and there are some ballots that will be segregated or not counted.

We don’t know accurate tallies of these ballots but a different category of ballots is over 8000. Another category, ballots that arrived after the Election Day, segregated by the Supreme Court, you are talking tens of thousands of ballots but with a difference between the parties of 50,000 with some ballots, waiting to be counted, some going with the president could change that. You would have to change the outcome of other states to change the outcome of the election.

These are different circumstances, with the governor and governors before them. The reason for those commutations including in some cases very heinous crimes like murder, are to avoid them being deported. If you are a criminal serving time at the end of the sentence, you would be handed over to ICE to be deported but if your sentence has been commuted or vacated it could be a different legal setting. What the governor is looking at is even if we have president Biden who is probably going to be soft on these folks there will be laws and regulations for the Department of Homeland Security, people wouldn’t find out, different motivations of the president’s commutations and pardons had to do with extremely harsh drug sentences which, ironically, Joe Biden is responsible for in a harsh crime bill. These are very different.

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