Dhillon on Obama Admin Censorship

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Obama Admin Censorship

Video Transcript (According to Dhillon):

Well, whenever you see some of these top democrats in the last few years talk about something in a very shrill and demagogic tone like this you can often predict they’re engaging in projection. That is exactly what is happening here. Of all the recent United States presidents in the past several decades, Barack Obama is the one with the longest list of allegations by serious, credible journalists raging from Sharyl Atkisson to Rosen at Fox News, several others, to associated press reporters whose phones were tapped over various usually issues having to do with foreign policy and his droning of Americans abroad and other foreign adventures. So he is not the person to talk about this but if Donald Trump were truly a demagogue or dictator he is a terrible one because over the last four years we had the most vicious and vial demagoguery against him, against his supporters. It has been non-stop. He has done a bad job of suppressing the media I would say.

That is exactly right. When you see what happened at the end of the Obama administration spying on the president, we know looking back into history dating back to 2012 and even before that this was second nature at the Obama administration, spying on their enemies and creating lists and getting, warrantless wiretaps and so forth. Obama has no credibility here and look the president has been very harsh on the media. I personally think much of the media has really deserved that. That is protected by the first amendment. If you go back in history and look at prior campaigns and prior presidents and prior relationships with the media it dates back to the founding of our country there has been antagonism between people in power and the media. They each have their role to play. Critically, most of the mainstream media today, if they didn’t have the president to beat up I don’t think anybody would read “the Washington Post” or watch CNN indeed CNN appears to be now on the sale block because maybe people are predicting now they can’t complain about President Trump if that is how the election turns out, nobody is going to want to watch them. So the media, love-hate relationship with trump has been great for the media. It has paid a lot of mortgages. It has sold a lot of papers and it is sold a lot of ads. I think it is kind of fake for anybody to say that much less Barack Obama.

Including an American was among the people droned. Our president brought people home. Our president put America first. Our president is against the wars. So you know, Barack Obama is simply defecting and projecting. He has no credibility in this regard.

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