Dhillon on 2020 Election Lawsuit

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ to Discuss the 2020 Election Lawsuit

Absolutely right. You know, what we have heard through unauthorized channels is the story of whistleblower recanted, trumpeted in “the Washington post” through, I understand, congressional sources, probably out of Schiff’s office or the like. But where’s the affidavit? Where’s the evidence? And where are those postal inspectors looking? Why aren’t they looking at the allegations that this postal worker says he has not recanted. Why isn’t the FBI looking at the allegations in Michigan? Why isn’t the FBI looking at the allegations in so many other states where there are credible allegations? It’s awfully interesting that they jump on the whistle blowers but not on the allegations of crime.

It’s very irregular when an employee either of a federal agency or any private company is not given access to their personnel files. The fact that they won’t give him a copy of what they are waving around in the media is shocking and despicable, and the government owes its citizens better. So I’ll be interested to see what that affidavit actually says. The whistleblower says it is nothing like it’s been with characterized.

This is important because the big issues with the mail-in balloting is that the volume is such that they’re counting them by a machine, mistakes are made and so forth, but that can’t happen in a hand recount. We can actually have people look at them. We are gearing up, Lou, hundreds of lawyers who have volunteered go to Georgia and participate as observers in this hand recount and also an audit. So there’ll also be an audit so, at a minimum, samples these ballots to verify their accuracy and check them. So this is great. This is the gold standard of what to do in an election contest, and we are glad. Now, you know, there are several thousand votes that would need to be changed, but given this unique circumstance of mail-in voting being very widespread for the first time, ballot harvesting – which is illegal in Georgia but which is suspected to have occurred with the democrats, if you can find, for example, similar handwriting or signatures on ballots which can be determined this way, then you might find evidence of that, and that could disqualify numerous ballots. So this is great.

Well, today physically it would be the announcement of a statewide hand recount, not a machine recount, and audit in Georgia. That’s really good news for Georgia. But if we have complete, you know, nothing happening in Michigan from law enforcement. Arizona’s percolating along, hasn’t finished the counting. And I know that lawyers are looking at similar issues regarding handwriting and so forth in Nevada. So we have hearings coming up, Lou, in Pennsylvania. There was a very – so if you look at yesterday’s developments, yesterday in the federal lawsuit there the state tried to get the case transferred out of a more rural county where the case was in front – that was denied last night, and the court issued a very expedited order.

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