Dhillon on 2020, Biden’s VP Pick

Dhillon on 2020, Biden’s VP Pick

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss 2020, Biden’s VP Pick

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thank you, Stuart. Happy to be here. Well, absolutely. They are socialists but from a different perspective. Kamala Harris has had a long history in law enforcement before she joined the Senate, whereas Elizabeth Warren has been on the sort of critical race theory side on the opposite side of that divide as a professor at Harvard.

Absolutely. So contrary to what my congresswoman Nancy Pelosi just said, it’s very apparent when you look at television that Joe Biden is not all there and I think most democratic voters know that, and those circumstances, the choice of vice president is really critical because for one thing, he may not last the whole term and for another thing, if there’s a cognitive issue, that vice presidential candidate is going to be playing a significant role in the presidency if Joe Biden were to win. So it’s much more important now than in any prior race.

You may. But, I mean, “not all there” is a kind way to say it. I think there are harsher ways. I have seen it said on television. And we all have older relatives, by the way, who have had similar issues. We can recognize them. If we are being honest, we can recognize them. I feel bad for him. I respect him as a person who served this country and he should not be running for president right now because he should be getting care.

Somebody should have said that about nine months ago. I think he’s had a rapid cognitive decline. TV appearances earlier this week were quite shocking, words out of order, slurred, memory lapses while he was doing campaign events. His family, you know, should do the right thing. Of course, for the Democratic party, it’s too late. They have invested heavily in him. They can’t really switch horses at this point. I’m sure they have a plan but that plan may involve switching him out for the vice presidential candidate which means that choice is incredibly important and deserves a lot more scrutiny than sort of the coy game playing we are seeing right now.

Well, it makes sense. We’re talking about mail-in ballots dropping, that’s the term we use, as early as September 4th in North Carolina, two months before the election and because of the delays in mail and COVID, pretty much everywhere that’s doing vote by mail which is now increasing number of states and majority of them, the ballots are dropping 30 days in advance. So people don’t have the time to look at the debates more than one, and then make up their mind, then they are being deprived of opportunity. What we have seen in prior vote by mail situations is that people change their mind. A lot of voters will contact the registrar. Voters will say “Oh, my God, I saw that debate. Can I change, can I take it back?” No, they can’t. So that’s among the chaos that’s being caused by this vote by mail.

This voter goes in and votes in person. That’s why.

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