Dhillon on California Lockdowns

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney and Co.’ To Discuss California Lockdowns

Video Transcript (According to Dhillon):

Well, there is one member of the Los Angeles county board of supervisors who’s pushed back on this and pointed out that pursuant to the last set of rules, many restaurants spent tens of thousands of dollars building these elaborate outdoor dining facilities, and people are getting ready for Thanksgiving when people are going to be able to eat out in an outdoor setting with heat lamps and so forth and, boom, with little to no explanation, notice or science, the L.A. County health officials said we’re going to pull all of that and, you know, she’s sort of the grinch who stole Thanksgiving. So now many of our restaurants are going to go under completely, and it’s totally unnecessary because when you look at the numbers, the surge that she was pointing to is mainly at fast food restaurants, and it’s almost entirely among staff. So why punish the diners at nice outdoor restaurants when the science doesn’t support it? There is double the amount of a Covid surge in L.A. county’s government health offices than in the restaurant industry. So what we’re suffering here in California is a science-free lockdown, and it is becoming miserable and punitive here in this state.

Yes. In other counties, not our most popular Los Angeles county, but in neighboring Orange County we picked up at least two seats.  You know, it’s a democrat-run state. Just last week we saw our governor having a very nice meal with his friends drinking expensive wine in an indoor setting, and he’s denying the same thing to the rest of us. Our Thanksgiving dining rules include, you know, doing it outdoors in the cold and only two families and sit apart and no singing and wear a mask and go to the bathroom briefly and leave within two hours. You know, what is the point? I personally would not be engaging in all of that. We’ll be at home, myself and my husband. But what a tragedy. As you just pointed out in the last segment, people are fleeing California. I live in San Francisco. People who live here for 20, 30 years, their whole lives, they’re fleeing the state, and it will have an economic impact at some point. We’re going to have to pay the piper in taxes here, and I think you’re going to see an accelerated departure from California.

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