Dhillon on the VP Debate, Lockdowns

Dhillon on the VP Debate, Lockdowns

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss the VP Debate, Lockdowns

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Laura, I saw your photo from this morning from Washington and San Francisco looks exactly like that. It’s incredibly depressing. What we know from what we’ve seen out of this campaign is that we are going to see more of that, potentially years more of that if the Biden-Harris ticket is elected into office because they have promised more shutdowns, mask mandates – a federal mask mandate as Joe Biden has promised, and so much more. They don’t have any solutions; they don’t have any answers. And, you saw that tonight in the debate. All they have is pot shots, cheap shots, rehearsed lines from Kamala Harris. And voters can’t really trust her. As I’ve written before in “The Wall Street Journal” and other places, she has reversed herself on just about every issue that she’s ever taken. And so, you really have to look at everything she is saying with a grain of salt.

See, that’s the hard question because every time it becomes politically expedient, she changes her position. Originally, she was against legalizing marijuana, she was against allowing felons to vote, she was trying to ratchet up the amounts of bail for people who are incarcerated, she put more people away for minor drug crimes and she have helped out ICE originally, on and on and on. She’s reversed herself on every one of those issues. Look, her record as attorney general, if you ask any Californian, it’s going to be that she was a crudely tough on crime prosecutor who refuse to take a compassionate view of a lot of these lower-level crimes. But secondly, she is known for prosecuting a for-profit college and putting them out of business. If that’s really her legacy, you can’t really name other accomplishments, no criminal justice reform, nothing regarding domestic violence, human trafficking, any of those issues that you often see liberal prosecutors care about and try to advanced. No. None of that. She’s always focused on the next thing.

Laura, not if you want to be a successful trial lawyer. I’m 27 years into this, I was a little bit less than Kamala Harris, but I don’t cry “unfair” and stamp my feet when somebody’s tough. Judges are tough to you. Opposing counselors are usually guys and they are tough, and you’ve got to punch right back. She is capable of doing that, but in her shallow way, like she has a rehearsed line she comes back at, but Mike Pence went deep and he absolutely destroyed her. That was kind of a record as a prosecutor as well. Lot of pictures, a lot of dancing around, not much substance.

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