Dhillon on Pence-Harris Debate

Dhillon on Pence-Harris Debate

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss PenceHarris Debate

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Why else would they dodge this question repeatedly? I think that Mike Pence did a tremendous job last night, really highlighting how Kamala Harris’ responses were alternatively giggling, making light of it, bringing up a totally false interpretation of an incident from 160 years ago and again closing by refusing. So, what else can you take away from that? I think we all know and realize when somebody refuses to answer a question, then you should assume the worst.

This is like the third rail of the campaign, it seems. They are studiously avoiding answering this question on the democratic side and I think that voters who are paying attention are going to notice this. I think you already would draw that conclusion. And, what does that mean? Is it the end of the world? Well, it is in a way, because it upsets the balance of separation of powers in our country, it shows that Democrats are not willing to play by the rules. If they don’t get their way, they will simply tear up 160+ years of our history in order to get their way and pack the court. This is pretty despicable. The last time Democrats tried this with FDR, even Democrats backed the president away from the cliff. And, today there is nobody to back these two leaders of the party away. We just know that they are hiding what their real plans are.

One of the problems that we have here is this evidence is coming out very late in the game. I certainly, and I’m sure many supporters of the president wished it had come out a couple years ago. And so, it is very late breaking news and it’s going to be easy for Democrats to laugh, roll their eyes, and weasel their way out like Kamala Harris has tried to do last night. But, I think that with a few sharp talking points we can really bring at home – bring it home to American citizens. What if it were you? It is illegal for intelligence services to spy on American citizens, to entrap them, to weaponized, it’s illegal for people in the Oval Office to scheme, to derail the incoming presidency. And, when the moderator asked questions like “Will the president and vice president accept the results of this election?” I think it’s really effective talking point to point out that Democrats never accepted the results of 2016 and so we need to say that more with facts and bring it, and the members of the Congress and the Senate who have those facts, they need to join the chorus as well.

My pleasure.

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