Dhillon on Biden’s Pay-To-Play Conflicts

Dhillon on Biden’s Pay-To-Play Conflicts

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Biden’s Pay-To-Play Conflicts

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I think that we have seen these types of reports of conflicts of interest with Joe Biden dating back to the Obama years, and, you know, you’d see he had a story about, for example, the MNBC, one of his biggest donors, getting preferential treatment at the same time as his son Hunter Biden is getting paid as a consultant from that company. And today, in the news over the past year at the same time as his impeachment, as well as other distractions, we’ve seen all of this evidence regarding Burisma, major payments that Hunter Biden has accrued from Chinese plutocrats and from the Ukraine, and yet these stories seem to kind of die with a thud. And the most recent news from John Solomon shows that the number of transactions involving Hunter Biden and foreign parties, apparently, were flagged by our finance watchdogs and given to the Senate for review, and nothing happened. And so, I certainly hope that the campaign and the media is going to keep the pressure on Joe Biden, because I think you can tell that after 47 years in office and this type of pay to play behavior surrounding him and his family throughout, you certainly can’t expect anything different if he’s the president of the United States.

Well, absolutely. At that time when Joe Biden was a senator, MBNA was his biggest contributor by far, over $200,000 over the various times that he has run for office. And at the same time, his son was either an employee or later a consultant getting paid significant fees. Now, what is his son’s expertise for any of these jobs, being on the board of Burisma, being a partner with a Chinese investment firm, being a consultant to a major bank? He literally has no experience that would be relevant to make anybody pay him big cash other than his ties to his father. There are similar scandals surrounding Joe Biden’s brother as well. This type of pay to play may be very common in corrupt foreign nations. It’s not acceptable in America. It actually violates many laws. But those recent revelations about the transactions that have been flagged over the past year or two that have been sent to the Senate for review are even more serious. You know, we have these types of regulations to prevent corruption but also terrorism. Ever since the PATRIOT Act, all of these types of transactions with foreign parties that, not just the ones over 10,000 that you read about, but all kinds of transactions could be flagged and be suspicious, and when they rise to that level that they’re serious enough to be a national security question and the Senate intelligence committees get that information, what do they do with it? By the way, I admit it’s been Republican senators in charge for the past couple of years, what did they do with that information? Where did it go? Why hasn’t it been investigated? We’re less than two months away from this election. It’s important that, regardless of the outcome of this election, this type of corrupt-appearing conduct be investigated fully and punished, if appropriate. We don’t see that happening. To the contrary, we see Democrats saying, “Oh, if you investigate Hunter Biden, you’re actually interfering with the election.” Not so. It’s important to get to the bottom of it, and if the Obama White House hadn’t been so focused over the years and at the end there in the transition time on nailing this president or this incoming president, they might have done their job as well, but they didn’t. They were very focused somewhere else. The same thing happened with impeachment. People have not been doing their job on these issues for more than four years now, so it’s time to put that right.

Well, we know very little about this, this is thanks to John Solomon’s good reporting and his sources, that have revealed that Senate committees have had this information for about a year, and they are supposedly about to issue a report. You know, I’m fed up personally as these Senate committees are about to issue report when they’ve had this information for a long time, it’s sensitive information. We don’t know the details. We know that it was serious enough that our government is questioning some of these transactions, and money laundering can take so many different forms. It is common. We know that China’s engaging in this type of behavior with a lot of corporate transactions in America, apparently other countries are as well. So I’d like to know the answers, and I’d like somebody to ask Hunter Biden those questions. I don’t know those questions are being asked, as Richard Grenell said.

Thank you.

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