Dhillon on the Rise of Violence in the U.S.

Dhillon on the Rise of Violence in the U.S.

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss the Rise of Violence in the U.S.

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I think that the report that we’re hearing, it doesn’t surprise me, because the DHS, the FBI, have been singing from this really far behind playbook for some time and ignoring the current and live threat of Antifa around the world, and particularly rising in the United States. Look, it’s not just the right raising the alarm about Antifa, any American who turns on their television can see with their own two eyes who is burning down buildings in America, who is shooting at the police, who is firebombing the ICE facility in Tacoma last year, who is targeting journalists like Andy Ngo, my client, and who is active on social media, making threats, and daily creating chaos in our cities. It’s not white supremacists, and I say that as a person who grew up in the deep south, there was the KKK in my town, they were in their far gaps of death in the 1970s, and other than isolated incidents here in America, they are not active today compared to these new, modern threats that are being called out around the world, but America for some reason is not doing that in our security apparatus.

There is data, historically, like I said, and there is data about all kinds of groups over time. The KKK was once a big force in America, it isn’t today. Skinheads exist and have gangs in prisons. Are they roaming the streets? Are they shooting cops? They have created some targeted incidents of violence against religious minorities like the Sikh community, there was the Oak Park shooting that happened during President Obama’s administration and there had been other incidents like that, but when I talk about and see the sheer volume of incidents of violence and threats to our establishments, that’s not white supremacists, that is a tired fantasy. It’s Antifa, and it’s Antifa in Europe, as well. Yes, Europe has all kinds of problems. I agree that there are some different problems that are happening over there, and forgive me if I don’t believe the FBI anymore, compared to what I see with my own two eyes. They’ve lost a lot of credibility in America.

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