Dhillon on Dem Senators Considering Eliminating the Filibuster

Dhillon on Dem Senators Considering Eliminating the Filibuster

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Dem Senators Considering Eliminating the Filibuster

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Good morning. Happy to be here. Well, this is a huge problem because under the law where this type of mismatch that you just described occurs, all of those ballots could be invalidated. Now, some people may have caught this in time because of reporting like yours and The New York Post. But, many people may have already voted those flawed ballots and those votes could be tossed out. This is one of the reasons that the president and others criticized this automatic mail-in voting because a larger proportion of ballots get tossed out for mistakes under mail-in balloting than in-person balloting, and so there are many other types of mistakes. Dilution of the vote by, the refusal of states to purge outdated voter rolls. Many of my friends have reported multiple ballots arriving at their homes for the people who’ve lived there 5 and 10 years ago. This is a huge problem. I think we are going to have chaos around the time of the election.

Right. Well, this citizen is voting in person to the extent possible, meaning I’m going to fill in my ballot or turn it in in-person. There is no option in California to vote in person in this election cycle. And so, a lot of people are going to question whether their vote was counted in this election, which will lead to litigation.

Well, absolutely. This is a terrible idea and Democrats should know it’s a terrible idea of all people. They eliminated decades of precedent in this regard dating back to 1975 there was a three-fifths cloture rule in the Senate that allowed the minority to have some say in how we do some of these important things like confirming justices and others. But, they eliminated that in 2012. Harry Reid did to ram through a Supreme Court Justice and Republicans did it again in 2017 when they lowered the threshold for confirming Justice Gorsuch. So, two can play that game. It eliminates protections for the minority. Democrats are going to regret it one day. I hope they don’t do something stupid like that.

My pleasure.

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