Dhillon on President Trump Testing Positive for COVID-19 and Arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center (Part 1)

Dhillon on President Trump Testing Positive for COVID-19 and Arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center (Part 1)

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss President Trump Testing Positive for COVID-19 and Arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center (Part 1)

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

On the story front, I think the president’s going to be surrounded by the best and brightest physicians. I’m glad he’s going to Walter Reed where he has an office and where he has medical care at hand. So it couldn’t be a better situation for somebody who falls sick. And I know the president has been giving us daily briefings since the beginning of this crisis. So he knows all about this disease and I think he has the good attitude to move through it. And, I also pray for the family. Besides being the president, leader of the free world, the president is the head of a family and he has a wife and several children, and so we pray for all of them and their anxiety to be alleviated. But in terms of the coverage, you know, it’s hard to be surprised. So those of us who’ve been following this campaign and the media and the coverage and the degradation of our normal human behavior, but we really did hit a new low last night on Twitter and going through today with respect to media figures, celebrities and others, wishing death, conspiracy theories, insanity. A lot of good minded people on Twitter have just said, “You know what, I’m out. I can’t take it. I’m going to come back in a few days when people calm down and behave like human beings.” So I think we can all be better to one another. And unfortunately, it’s been disappointing to see how the chattering classes have behaved in response to this sobering news.

Well, the left dropped a couple of bombshells they thought yesterday, everyone seems to have almost forgotten about them by now. But what I thought was, how pathetic is it that somebody in that position of trust with the First Lady of friendship position, in employee employer position, would secretly go and take something secretly, and then release selected portions of it, there’s no context, there’s no understanding of what the level of their conversations were before and after. The second thing I thought after actually listening to what I was promised would be something shocking that would make her look bad was, “Wow, I like Melania Trump even more than I did before”, because what you hear on those tapes is a woman who was concerned about the media distorting her work on behalf of trying to visit the children who are in a lockdown position because their parents brought them here illegally, concerned about how the media asks her questions, but does not ask the questions about the Obama administration, which put those children into that policy situation, and that she cares more about that and serious duties and alleviating suffering than decorating the White House. Wow. Like every woman in America who doesn’t like to be relegated to chores and trivial things when there are important things at hand. So I think a lot of people in America listen to that and say, “Wow, our First Lady is a real person and it’s a shame that somebody she trusted betrayed her like that.”

That was such a weird segment. You had that creepy grin on Anderson Cooper’s face. You had that weird, frozen guilty look by the author of this book. And when you hear the First Lady talk about the coyotes who smuggle people, her anger is with the people who exploit children, who engaged in human trafficking. And she tried to help. She expresses her frustration on the tape about how she’s just the First Lady. She couldn’t do much about it. But when she tried to bring attention to the plight of one of these children and families, the mainstream media wouldn’t have any of it. So shame on them.

Yeah, I mean, I think of course, the president takes these things seriously. He’s a germaphobe, by the way, so anybody who suggests that he’s not careful about these things. We just don’t know a lot about this virus. But what we do know is that we are in this country, the greatest country in the world, developing terrific therapeutics for them, I know he’s going to be able to get those. I suspect the president, being somebody who barely sleeps, is going to continue working very hard throughout this, and by the way, our country needs it. And so all of our prayers, I just got off a prayer call for a number of different people of faith where I recited a prayer. There are prayers coming from every faith, from every corner of this country, for our first family. And with that, and with science, I have every confidence that he’s going to recover, and continue to get back on the campaign trail and finish out this election cycle.

Well, it is like somebody, you know, sort of just upending the chessboard, you know, all the pieces have been scattered all of a sudden. I’m sure that on the left, those who did not want Joe Biden to have to debate a second time are seizing on this as some sort of an excuse to not do that. I think it will be great if the American people get to see a second debate and a third debate. We have a vice presidential debate coming up on Tuesday, Wednesday, next week. And I see some voices from the left saying it would be criminal to ask them to move forward with that or to travel for that. And so, there are all kinds of game playing scenarios that are being done there. But I think this could backfire. All of these hate, this vitriol, this nasty commentary from the media and from the left could backfire. Because at our heart, most Americans are very decent, loving, generous human beings, even to those we don’t agree with. That’s certainly how conservatives reacted when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. And we generally see people rising above. And I think that the president being sick, fighting, and the First Lady also doing the same, fighting bravely and not trying to malinger. I think that’s going to generate a positive feeling amongst American voters. And so ultimately, we’re going to have an election, on November 3rd, the president and his team have put it out all on the field and are not leaving anything undone. And so, you’re going to see campaigning by surrogates in coming days. The vice president is going to be out there, many other surrogates, and we have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to be said between now and the time the president can come out of his quarantine, and get back on the campaign trail. But I suspect we’re going to be hearing quite a bit from him, even between now and then while he’s in Walter Reed.

I predicted this. The minute I saw this news, I thought, Joe Biden is going to call a lid on the entire remainder of this campaign, because he thinks he did well, because he listens to his handlers in the first debate. Well, the American people are the ones who need to see these candidates debate. We’ve seen very, very, very little of Joe Biden, we’ve seen plenty of the president, by the way. So if I were one of the advisors of the former vice president, I would tell him to suck it up. And you know, take off the lid and get out there and campaign and if he were actually taking advantage of this the way that a normal person would, he’d be out there taking advantage every day, every hour, not just five hand-selected people sitting 40 feet apart in an empty basketball court, but actually getting out there and working it. He hasn’t been able to do that. I don’t think he can. And so the idea that now they’re going to take these debates off the table is a sign of weakness from the Biden camp, and so…

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