Dhillon on 2020

Dhillon on 2020

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Good Morning Britain’ To Discuss 2020

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

If you only show snarky out of context videos like the ones you just did without showing the racist comments that the contender has made and the other out of touch gaffes he has done, you might get a biased perspective. However, the President has led the largest economic boom in American history. He has grown jobs in every sector. He has made America first in terms of our national security, and he has cut taxes on middle class Americans. And so, what Joe Biden and his running mate promised, our $4 trillion in tax increases, $10 million in job losses in certain economy sectors, energy sectors, open borders, illegal immigrants – 11 million of them becoming citizens, and really no plan for moving America forward in the same trajectory as a president did prior to the Chinese virus derailing our economy. So as we’ve seen from the recent poll, the CNN poll that just came out, which I thought you were going to mention, the race has actually tightened to then the margin of error in that poll, and particularly in the battleground states, it’s tightening. And so, that’s actually showing Joe Biden’s appeal dropping going into…

He really isn’t. There, in the margin of error. So if you look at the polls accurately and tell your viewers accurately what they’re saying.

Margin of error, you know how polls work, that’s how they work.

Well, that is that is a lie, of course. The top experts at Stanford University, physicians and many physicians around the world are taking Hydroxychloroquine prophylactically. So, for you to say that that’s not what medical professionals are recommending is false.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a doctor, I’m not giving medical advice.

He is conveying the opinions of the experts.

He is conveying the opinions of many experts. Okay?

Because he is the leader of the free world, repeating the opinions of many doctors in America. Some doctors agree with it. Some doctors don’t. Many doctors are taking it, many doctors are not.

Why would I? I’m not sick, and either I’m in the healthcare industry.

Absolutely. If I were ill, I would take it in a second.

Oh, you’re calling it odd thousand, every one of those deaths matters. And a lot of those deaths are in blue states like the one that I am in, including a lot of elderly people who are not treated correctly, people in prison, people in other facilities like that. So I think that blue state democratic governors certainly could have done a better job but our system of government is a little bit different than yours and the police power and how those things are handled is mainly handled by 50 governors in the United States.

Well, so the way you just put it is completely a lie. A reporter asked him a question and he disagreed with that, he did not say that it’s his position. He said some people are saying and subsequently, his chief of staff has shot that down and said, “Absolutely, the White House believes that she is eligible.” Of course, she is eligible. You know, by comparison, I was born in India, I am not eligible. So these facts are clear and it does not matter one bit of difference to me. I think that we should focus on the issues here, and the issues are that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are going to take this country in totally the wrong direction, the far left extreme and the states that are in play here are not the states that are going to go for that type of extremism. Those, those blue states on the coast where these two come from, are not where Middle America is wanting to vote. And so, I think that we are very confident that as we get closer to the election, and the President continues to be out there doing his job as a president, while Joe Biden continues to hide in his basement and being shielded by his handlers from a debate, and from engaging and from going in front of the voters, that voters are going to increasingly see that four more years is exactly what we need in this country.

Absolutely. The president who was elected for the first time to anything, I think took on trust, a lot of the advisors recommended to him by establishment Republicans and others. That was a mistake. He should have fired a lot of those people earlier. He has said that and I think going forward in this next four years, he’s going to hire people who are America First, who are supporting of his candidacy and his goals and his vision for America. And, I think that’s something that he could do better. And I know that he will.

Thank you.

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