Dhillon on Trump, DNC

Dhillon on Trump, DNC

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet K. Dhillon Appears ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss Trump, DNC

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Happy to be here. Thank you. As Andrew Yang pointed out a lot of the message that we’ve seen out of the DNC this week has been incredibly divisive, pitting Americans against one another, putting people in buckets and assuming how people are supposed to vote on the basis of their characteristics. This is un-American. As a woman leader and a business owner in America, I can tell you that Donald Trump has been the best president for women in my lifetime starting from the economic boom, the tax cuts for middle-class Americans, the job opportunities, keeping America safe, and during this terrible Chinese virus pandemic making sure with the PPP program that millions of small businesses, many of which are owned by women and employ women stayed afloat. The president has also been a leader on women’s freedom and empowerment throughout the world with major investments in that regard in international accords and he’s also been a leader in contributing to the stop of human trafficking that negatively affects women in the world and of course many top women in his administration, very powerful women and women who were pleased to support him. And so, I think there’s really no comparison here and it is kind of odd when Kamala Harris is praising Joe Biden who she only recently compared to a rapist and a racist. These are contradictions that cannot be ignored.

We are getting to that point where we are doing that type of campaigning. Now, the campaign has been delayed for both parties because of COVID. It’s really hampered up but I can tell you that we have a bus tour for women that is certainly hitting those battleground states and we have women on the ground and men on the ground carrying our message to the women and what Democrats are offering, and certainly they’re seeing is that the Democratic Party is offering more danger, more chaos, more criminals out of jail, more uncertainty, children are not being allowed to go to school in some of our most popular states like California where I’m coming to from, that is terrible for working women, working women are being forced by the Democrats to choose between their children and their careers and this is un-American. And so, really at the bottom, women are voting and making the decisions for their families on the basis of what is best for their families and what’s best for them and there’s really no comparison here. When you see the Democrats, what they offered over the last couple nights and what they’re going to offer tonight, it is very dark, it is very negative, it is very divisive, it’s not something to look forward to. American women know better than that.

I’ve been up against her including one case and three cases, one case we have right now involves her persecuting a pro-life journalist, David Daleiden for undercover reporting, exposing fetal part trafficking in California, she punished him for his First Amendment activities and she’s also ignored the rights of minorities and people of faith in California. She’s no friend to principle and we’re going to make sure everybody knows that in the election.

My pleasure, thank you.

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