Dhillon on Newsom’s Maskless Dinner

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Governor Newsom’s Maskless Dinner

That’s right. It sets a terrible example in our state where people have been locked down since March. The governor and the California medical association have given lectures to people about wearing a mask. The governor has said even if you’re at a family dinner you should put your mask on in between bites, none of them were doing that and they even lied about it when they were caught. They said they were outdoors, they weren’t outdoors, there’s a chandelier overhead and a mirror. So what this means to Californians is people are fed up with hypocrisy and there are two explanations to this, either the governor wants everybody around him to get sick and die including his own family which I don’t believe or he doesn’t think that the disease is that serious and it isn’t a health risk for him to get together with 5 unrelated couples. It’s probably the latter.

That’s right, Thanksgiving we are warned not to have our extended family over much less a bunch of lobbyists at a 400-dollar a person meal. The hypocrisy is very stunning and I think Americans are beginning to wake up to what’s going on here. There are Different rules for the elites and different rules for the rest of us and it’s not going to fly much longer.

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