Dhillon on ACLU Freeing 50,000 Inmates

Dhillon on ACLU Freeing 50,000 Inmates

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Fox and Friends’ to Discuss ACLU Freeing 50,000 Inmates

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

The evidence is right here in Alexandria a few days ago where a young man, Ibrahim Bouaichi was released by Governor Northam back in April under the guides of this very type of a program. He was in jail awaiting trial for rape, and violent strangulation and robbery, and he was released. He then went on a few days ago to murder his victim and then shoot himself. And so, for months he was on the loose. He stole a car but this is just one example of many. So, in the guides of COVID, a lot of these liberal activists have attempted to change laws that they have already been trying to change for many years such as the elimination of bail, such as releasing people shortening sentences, such as not jailing people at all for certain types of crimes. But, there’s a difference between letting elderly people out who have served their time a few months early versus not even bothering to incarcerate or have ankle bracelets at all on accused violent criminals. And, this lady paid with her life. There are many other Americans who paid with their property and their life as a result of these liberal policies under COVID.

Well, not really. This is something they’ve been pushing for some time. This is part of their liberal agenda but the most basic function of government dating back to caveman era is to keep the citizens safe, and by elevating the rights of the violent accused over the rights of the citizens, Governor Northam, liberal governors throughout the United States, have abdicated that basic responsibility, and the lady who was murdered, she was an immigrant and the people who are most affected by this type of a situation are typically people with less advantage, not the people like governors with security, not the wealthy, it’s the people who could least afford it.

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