Dhillon on the 2020 Election

Dhillon on the 2020 Election

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss the 2020 Election

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I don’t think you can, and really, the question will be “Can you trust this pollster or your own lying eyes?” Your eyes will tell you that the president has record enthusiasm out there. We see it in the rallies where tens of thousands of people show up on virtually no notice in the coming winter to hear him speak and look at the barely dozens of people who turnout for the former vice president. Some of the polling flaws that we have seen that happened in 2016 and that are happening today is these pollsters are not really calling an equal number of Republicans or likely voters so there’s flaws in the sampling. There’s also flaws in looking at how the independent voters are going to turn out here and finally there’s a lot of first-time voters including many of the minority communities who are voting for Donald Trump and a lot of those people either never get calls from pollsters or they’re like me, I never answer those calls from pollsters. And so, I think that’s where you’re going to see some of the flawed methodology here.

For every phenomenon like that, there’s an alternative phenomenon which is the president is actually bringing in record numbers of minority voters for Republican candidate. We’ve seen some very high-profile endorsements from the African-American community, he’s also quite strong, and particularly in some of those battleground states in the Latino community. So, I’m not a forecaster myself, I think we’ll see after election day but I think that there’s a lot of assumptions that are false that are being made here. At the end of the day, you can call up and do a poll but is that voter really going to bother? Is the voter really going to turn out particularly in a pandemic? Trump voters are. I really question whether the enthusiasm is there for Joe Biden.

Not just that, Elizabeth. There are hundreds of thousands of new voter registrations that Republicans have done in Florida just in this election cycle, and so Democrats are losing ground even in those raw numbers, quite apart from who these people vote for. So the Biden campaign early a few months ago during COVID actually mocked the Trump campaign for its voter turnout efforts during the primary, they thought it was ridiculous and anybody would knock on the door and try to engage with voters, while in some other states like my state California, ballot harvesting was okay in California but you couldn’t go visit your mom. So, the Democrats have been all over the place. Their lack of a ground game strategy in these battleground states that was going to haunt them and we have an outstanding ground game. One of the days last week we contacted over a million voters by telephone and we were knocking on doors, we are registering voters, we are out there, we are putting it all on the field, Elizabeth.

Obama had a ground game but his digital game was actually very strong. The Trump campaign in 2016 made some unprecedented investments in data and digital which they’ve expanded on in this election, but that doesn’t reach all of the voters. You mentioned elderly people. Spamming people with text messages may not work in certain demographics, may not work in certain minority communities. Door-to-door engagement is really very important and so it’s part of a strategy. There is almost no ground game with the Democrats. Now, they have a digital game. I mean, just today I got a text from our Secretary of State in California, who’s a Democrat, a big partisan, they’re texting me repeatedly asking me if I voted and asking me to confirm, that I believe that’s more political than civic, but at the end of the day, I’m also in those battleground states. We are calling people, calling them again, and if you’re in a state like California, you want to volunteer, our California voters and voters in other blue states are calling into this other states, and so it’s a national game. It’s very active, we have lawyers on deck, we have everything going.

What a pack of nonsense, when you look in retrospect it seems almost quaint. What we’re hearing, similar levels of hysteria this time around, we hearing that gay couples are rushing to get married because they might not have that right next week. This is all nonsense, he’s the most gay-friendly president in history and guess what? The judiciary did not change markedly other than the president filling open slots that Obama left unfilled and so the market has done great in prior to COVID which came from abroad. We had historic growth, we had lower taxes and what Biden is offering is a tax increase of $4 trillion and 85% of American households would suffer half a million jobs lost right away, the Green New Deal is going to cost a lot of money and the markets will crash. The uncertainty you see in the markets this week is really related to the media hype that Biden is certain to win this election, and that is what is causing the markets to drop. I think you will see the opposite effect when we see Election Day and a good turnout and a good result for President Donald Trump.

You actually hit all of the high points there, Liz. The messaging to blue-collar workers, the fact that Joe Biden wants to eliminate so many jobs, the energy that our cars run on and we rely on, they could not be more different but to the extent that the Biden campaign is trying to make this appeal to decency, I think that’s really been called into question with some of the scandals we have seen and the actual serious evidence of corruption that we have seen with respect to Joe Biden, so that is a new point that the Trump campaign is adding in, some of these corruption issues but we have a very strong record to run on and that’s really going to be a closing argument. Thank you.

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