Dhillon on Lawsuits and Political Unrest Following 2020 Election

Dhillon on Lawsuits and Political Unrest Following 2020 Election

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Millions of Outstanding Ballots and Left Wing Violence

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Sure. Two people from my firm are actually in the field right now and we have them all over the country and the way this is working, as you mentioned in different states, some states are already counting so there’s lawyers there observing that pre-canvas but in places like Pennsylvania they only start opening the ballots on Election Day itself and so shenanigans could occur, for example if there’s a mismatch between the signature on an envelope with a mail-in ballot and what is in the voter record. Now, under Pennsylvania law, the election officials are not supposed to disclose to the parties those types of details. They are secret by law, but the Biden campaign today put out an all-points bulletin begging for lawyer volunteers to come in and then help get people to the polls that day to fix their signature mismatch, probably Democrats only or Biden supporters. That is going to be challenged if that happens, and that type of thing, decisions being made on the fly because a lot of these election rules have simply been either made up by governors or forced on the state by a court challenged by Democrats. We are going to have chaos and a lot of decisions that are going to be subject to litigation if we have a close election, Laura.

Oh my gosh, it’s insane. You can add San Francisco where there are virtually no Republicans, I’m one of the few. The streets are boarded up over there as well. And look, the business owners know where the violence is coming from and they know that it’s probably going to be violent and looting regardless of the election outcome because hey, it’s an opportunity to go shopping for some people. But, the idea that the president is responsible for this in some way is simply ludicrous. It is false, it is propaganda, it is irresponsible. We all know what the truth is, Laura.

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