Dhillon on Good Morning Britain to Discuss 2020 Elections

Dhillon on Good Morning Britain to Discuss 2020 Elections

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Good Morning Britain to Discuss the 2020 Elections

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Well, the lawyers aren’t going to cause the delays, the lawyers are there because lawyers are there in every one of our elections since the 2000 election that was decided in Florida with a contested election, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. So, the issues here are because of coronavirus, almost all of our states in the United States actually changed their election procedure, so it is not customary in our country to have mail-balloting in most states. Most states are doing it now for the first time en masse, and most states, you have to either request a ballot and go through some procedures. Just because it is novel, we’re seeing a lot of new rules being made up. We are seeing governors make up new election rules, we’re seeing those being challenged in the courts, we’re seeing challenges from the other side, so just to give Pennsylvania for one example that is very critical in this election, as Frank said, they have had a couple of cases all the way up to the Supreme Court already concerning whether the ballots that are received up to three days after the election can still be counted, even if they have no postmark, so that is where Republicans are concerned about fraud. Let’s say we have a victory by 1,000 votes by Donald Trump on election night, and let’s even extend that to the next day, and then Democrats potentially can they find a thousand votes and turn them in without postmarks and get them in under that three-day deadline. That is the concern about fraud. There are similar concerns in other states as well.

Republicans are trying to stop, the Democrats are the ones who want and extend the deadline. So, that doesn’t really make sense logically. Republicans want the cut-off to be Election Day because that’s what in our rules, that’s what’s in our law, that’s what is in our Constitution. There is a fixed day. It can’t go on and on and on. In my home state of California, by statute, the legislates was extended that date to 17 days. 17 days after the election, ballots can roll in and be counted, and maybe they don’t have a postmark, and they will still be counted. That is a guarantee of chaos. We can’t blame the lawyers for that. The legislators and the governors created that.

There are a lot of propaganda and untruth in your question, but in reality our system of government is very different from your own. In our country, each of the governors has the police power. The police power over shutdowns, over health regulations, over quarantines, resides in our United States, in our governors, not the president. The president has very limited powers over these types of issues.

What is untrue about what you said is that the president has the power to govern shutdowns in our country. That portrays a basic ignorance of American Constitutional Law. Our United States Supreme Court has repeatedly… and then the governors to make those decisions.

That the president is responsible for all of the deaths in this country. If fact, Governor Cuomo is responsible for sending several thousand… to their deaths. That was a decision by the governor of New York, okay? So, that’s one untruth.

That the president is responsible for all of these deaths and all of these decisions. He does not have police power in our United States, 50 governors have that power.

He has no legal right to do that. Excuse me. That is ignorant. He does no legal constitutional right to do that.

You mean he can make a commercial? But, he has no legal power to do that.

There are many different scientists with many different approaches, and many different countries, including some in Europe have taken different approaches with different rates of success, okay? So you can’t sit there in Britain which is about to be locked down again and generalize what should happen in the United States.

Donald Trump is going to win the election.

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