Dhillon on First Lady Melania Trump’s Take on the Media

Dhillon on First Lady Melania Trump’s Take on the Media

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss About First Lady Melania Trump’s Take on the Media

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

100%. She is absolutely right. She is even pulling her punches a little bit. She has been saying this on the campaign trail for the last week or so and she points out that President, before he was Candidate Trump, was very popular with the media. He was a very, I lived in New York. He was in the society pages and in the pages and cozy with politicians, cozy with entertainers. He was very popular with the media up until the time he decided to take on the establishment. That is when they turned on him and ever since his campaign started, the media has been attacking him, mocking his supporters, ridiculing him. Over the last four years since he became the president, it is always felt like the mainstream media and increasingly journalists who are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram have similarly been absolutely 100% arrayed against him in favor of whoever the Democrat is. That is tough, not just against the Democrats but against the media too.

I mean, you can’t. I mean, what we see is an establishment that is threatened by an iconoclast. So, what Donald Trump stands for is, whatever cozy relationships you thought you had media with whisperers in the White House, you can’t count on those anymore, at least not officially. And so, yes, like many successful people, he doesn’t take kindly to criticism but that is to be expected. What the media absolutely did not expect him to take them on, hold them accountable. You know, Elizabeth, what we’ve seen increasingly in American media, there is no accountability for calling the election results wrong, polls wrong, Russia wrong, Ukraine wrong, China Biden scandal wrong. There is no accountability for any of that. They just laugh, they sell their books and then move on. So, holding them accountable is what they’re scared of more than anything else. I don’t think the media is necessary loving Joe Biden as some sort of icon of the future of America, so much as they hate Trump, then they would like to see him gone.

Of course. We had the most insane hysteria. Mainstream media comparing him to Hitler unfavorably, et cetera. When that is their tone, that is their one note, you know, turn it up to spinal tap 11 rhetoric, nobody can take them seriously. What they really need to be back in power and relevance is for Donald Trump to be gone and then everyone can start catering to them again like in normal administrations. So, the First Lady shares what a lot of his supporters share as well, which is they don’t like the tweets but we all love the policies.

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