Dhillon on the 2020 Race

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ to Discuss the 2020 Race

Yes. It’s been a long night, Lou, and your show has a done an excellent job of height lighting the critical – highlighting the critical hot spots around the country. Rest assured that we have a squad of lawyers on the ground already in each of these remaining states including some of the ones that have been called, Michigan, Wisconsin, and we are fighting hard in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and we are pushing hard to have the results declared in Georgia and North Carolina. You know, “the New York Times” has retracted its early call for Arizona, I believe, but fox still has it out there. But we believe that because a lot of the ballots that have not been counted yet in Arizona are same-day, yesterday votes which will skew towards the president, that we have a good chance of making up that less than 100,000 deficit with over, I new, 600 to ,000 ballots – I think, 600,000 ballots to be counted there.

Let’s start with the premise that the right to vote is very fundamental, and even one stray vote talk about awe shawling – should be appalling to anybody in the civil rights rule. If the situation were reversed and it was a red state, it was Texas doing this to democrat vote observers, we would have multiple lawsuits filed by the naacp, by the aclu, all the alphabets would be filing lawsuits, but we don’t operate that way. So in Pennsylvania we’ve had this thuggish situation there, a lot of voter intimidation, a lot of intimidation of lawyers, lawyers have been threatened in Pennsylvania and in Philadelphia specifically by the city attorney for arrest if they are not Pennsylvania-licensed attorneys. That is nonsense. That is not the law anymore in the country, and people have a civil right. They don’t have to be a lawyer to go in and observe. As Corey Lewandowski mentioned, observing from 30 feet away is meaningless, it’s impossible to object to a mismatch that way. The fact that the ballots under the secretary of state’s rules can be counted even if they are not postmarked is both outrageous and also in violation of the United States constitution which gives only the legislature or congress the right to set those time, place and man or rules. So so by changing that arbitrarily and having that endorsed by the Pennsylvania supreme court, that is really one of the things that we expect to go back to the courts on in that state. But, you know, hope Friday as we continue – hopefully as we continue counting and insisting on our rights, we will actually win the raw count and maybe not need to go back into the courts. But that is a battleground. We have lawyers including we’re now getting lawyers, Pennsylvania lawyers also into those rooms where they’re allowed legally to observe. And other areas we’re talking about some of these contested races, in Detroit the polling officials are actual putting up cardboard over the windows to make it impossible physically for observers to see what is happening in the counting room so nobody can object to a signature mismatch, to a lack of a postmark. And even in the case of a voter being honest and dropping it in the mail, it is the case around the country that the United States postal service often does not postmark bulk mail. The ballots are prepaid by the state in California, vote-by-mail ballots, so it is quite possible for many of them to not be framed.

Well, some of them have been asserted throughout the year, Lou. There has been prior litigation, so I don’t want anyone to come away with the impression that the RNC or republicans or the state parties sat on their hands and waited. A lot of these things were litigated in advance. We’ve filed lawsuits around the country all year. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania situation happened during the time between Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and the seating of Amy Coney Barrett, very narrow time where there was a 4-4 ruling, and justice Roberts voted the wrong way. If that case goes back up, we might have a different outcome.

Well, yes. I’m confident that some of these things will resolve without a lawsuit and the narrow ones that a may require it, we are going to very aggressively pursue them all the way. So, hopefully, we will win soon. We are actual projecting by the end of the week to be able to finalize the two more states that we need.


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