Dhillon on Biden Cabinet

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks

Yes, I agree that the criticism from the left, there is talk about diversity, talk about women, quotas and various regards but also policy criticism when you see people like Neera Tanden who has been put forward who has been accused of adding a sexual harassment victim and other people who are viewed as to close to the establishment of the left. It’s an interesting criticism because democrats chose to nominate Joe Biden and put their support behind him, he has always been the establishment and been supported by big banking and Wall Street and he represented the interests of the credit card industry against consumers while in the Senate. I think that they got what they paid for and now to expect that he will pivot to the far left, I think the whole staffing ramp-up that you are seeing shows that the progressives while they make a lot of noise, they don’t necessarily have the punching power to get the far left people into the biden cabinet.

If you look at his vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris, she checks boxes of diversity, but if you actually look at her performance as a senator and before that the attorney general of California where I litigated against her office in a civil rights case, she too is far from progressive in her actions in those offices while at the same time taking progressive positions in the Senate. She seems to be all over the place to what is required and the two critical Senate races in Georgia are really going to determine a lot of our next four years, if you have a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, they will not be able to get extreme policy positions through no matter what the House pushes without having a majority in the Senate. That is really critical. In short, you don’t know where they’re going to go, I don’t think either of these people have central philosophical core, it’s really what their donors are saying and what the establishment is saying to them and if the establishment gets hijacked by the AOC wing of the party, that is the tune they will be singing because they don’t have a moral philosophical core and they have to stop the powerplay from happening.

That is right, this happens in any administration transition in the trump 2017 transition you saw various factions of the conservative movement trying to get the people in here, war hawks and people who are neocons in the heritage foundation people in all those different people thought for power ultimately it was large establishment people who staff the administration, this is usually how it turns out, I’m yet to think of almost back to Ronald Reagan where we did have fresh thinking coming in really truly new thinking in the Republican Party, I think the lot time you saw a radical change in a transition a administration within a party.

think what she’s talking to, the conservative establishment figures and possibly some of her colleagues in congress have mocked her for her background as if it is not a preparation for being a member of congress. I disagree with that, she’s absolutely right if we had more republicans who had blue-collar background it would be a better party and as a result the recent election, are parties voter base is trumpeted that direction, we need to be respectful of that, a lot of the women were media figures and not elected officials and most of our elected officials in both parties are from the elites of society. Their millionaires, multimillionaires, people of privilege, Elizabeth Warren, professor at Harvard, lawyers, they are not blue-collar workers, I would love to see more in both parties.

I would not agree that the freedom caucus is a friend of the party at the growing base of the libertarian wing of the party that believes left government is better for us. Politics is a game of addition and if you want to be elected and secure your position of a leader and a 2022 republican congress you must have support from the freedom caucus, it is influential, growing and if there is an anti-war element that is growing among young people in our party and so he needs that base and anybody who’s going to be the leader needs that base. It’s smart for leader McCarthy to do exactly what he’s doing and it really speaks to his skills in legislative infighting infighting.

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