Dhillon on New Covid Restrictions

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night’ with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Covid Restrictions

Even the media and California are baffled by some of these restrictions, there are more holy than Swiss cheese, they are internally illogical and make no sense. Quite apart from being annoying, obviously they are restrictive. It’s the lack of science behind some of these ridiculous restrictions. I think earlier today on Fox was shown a video of a bar owner who was shut down across the street because the entertainment industry has great lobbyists, food was being served by a truck to the entertainment people — these restrictions are so extreme, so illogical, they change so frequently that I’m concerned if there really were a crisis, if there were Covid to being dropped from the skies, no one would believe it or pay attention at this point because we don’t believe our government anymore in California.

Of course he does, so does the governor of all the states — to Richard’s point our governor in California has been shutting us down for nine months now, it’s not like nobody’s doing anything. The problem is that the inconsistency and excessive nature of some of these restrictions that don’t allow for some constitutional rights have caused citizens to disregard some of these. I believe in science, we should wash our hands frequently we should sanitize, we should stand apart from one another but what you might get arrested from walking on the street without a pickle ball racket in your hand but not if you’re carrying one on the way to the game — that’s ludicrous, we all know that. That is not the exception, our rules are all like that, they keep changing every couple of weeks and I have a cynical feeling the keep changing these rules because they are getting caught eating at French laundry, eating at Italian restaurants, eating at grandma’s house at the same time they are telling us not to. They should lead by example, I would like to see these body cams on these politicians to see they are obeying the same rules they are forcing on us.

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