Dhillon on Bill Barr, Russia Probe

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News at Night To Discuss Bill Barr, Russia Probe

He is a joke. He has no standing to demand explanations on this or any other matter. We should not forget that the prior administration to President Trump set in motion a lot of wheels that were used to investigate him unjustly for a long time. That shouldn’t happen again. What we are having here is an attorney general making sure that an existing investigation into existing wrongdoings is completed. Even with this appointment, it doesn’t guarantee that. Whoever the next attorney general is, if there’s a change will ultimately have the authority to do a thumbs-up or thumbs down on what ever is recommended by a special counsel. I think it is a distinction without much of a difference. It does seem to imply some longevity in this overlong investigation.

Sounds illegal. It sounds like a felony. If you are doing it in a coordinated fashion, it could be a federal felony. I think it’s very striking that this is happening. There are a few layers here, Shannon. One of them is that the Georgia governor has wanted to actually purge the voter rolls of people who don’t belong there because they’ve moved forth further recent spread and the Democrats who have viciously fought efforts to purge the voter rolls for people who have moved or died or ineligible to vote. The upshot is, when you have groups like this group that is affiliated with one of the candidates spamming the populace with these solicitations to register, it’s inevitably going soliciting mail-in ballots. To some of these groups are asking college students who don’t live in Georgia to temporarily register in Georgia. People are asking people to move into Georgia, and there are other irregularities. His Stacey Abrams is accused of having run out harvesting efforts in Georgia for the recent election. If there’s a lot to look at. I hope the law is strictly applied and the people are held accountable.

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