Dhillon on Peter Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text

Dhillon on Peter Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Peter Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Wow! This guy can’t stop lying, I guess with his affairs and all of the conduct that got him fired, he is doubling down on this. So Liz, the words that he used in that text that he now claims that he remembers but regrets are the exact same words. We must stop him that Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS used, you know, a few months earlier. So do we all believe that that’s a giant coincidence? I don’t believe it. And it’s not an isolated one either. There are dozens or hundreds of such emails and text messages between him and Lisa Page and others, which some of which are now destroyed apparently. But in reality, what you see is a pattern. In the same breath, he’s saying which you know, we may get to, but he’s saying that these people are all over work, they’re working around the clock. Well, seems like they’re pretty much immersed in getting Donald Trump. So nothing that this guy said during that timeframe could be considered private or off the cuff. It was all part of the job.

He’s claiming that they were a couple of trivial mistakes and they were inexcusable, but they were because of overwork. The inspector general identified at least 17 errors, serious errors, prejudicial errors, errors that lot, you know, basically misled the court in such a way that a citizen’s civil rights were repeatedly violated. That’s a very serious matter. When I look at it as a civil lawyer in private practice, when I do stuff like that I misrepresent things to the court, I get punished and people get punished for that, people get sanction, people get suspended from practice, no such consequences are applying to these people, most of them with very few exceptions. And so, the repeated lying is very concerning and when you look at his media interviews, nobody’s putting them in context. In fact, there are numerous text messages that talk about trying to sidle up to a judge on the FISA court and have a dinner party and invite that judge and sort of do corrupt activities like that outside the process. This was not isolated. They had a lot of time on their hands to plan dinner parties and ways that they could corrupt justice.

Also, Andrew Weissmann and also so many others. Again, this is conduct that would get almost every other lawyer suspended or disbarred. This is shocking conduct. Destruction of evidence is something that is taken very seriously by lawyers. We lecture our clients about it. This is evidence destruction. There is no way that this was a coincidence. I think your prior guests K. T. McFarland used the term “cockroaches”. These guys are cockroaches too and what they’re saying to the court is a is a mockery; what they’re saying to about these phones is a complete mockery. Nobody believes it. I doubt even their mom would believe it. It’s pretty shocking stuff and I hope that somebody holds them accountable. We’ve been waiting for years for accountability here. It’s close to the election now. There must be accountability, otherwise people will have no faith in the DOJ, no faith in the FBI, and that will undercut our security in this country. So we must stop this.

Thank you, Liz.

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