Dhillon on Kyle Rittenhouse and White Supremacy

Dhillon on Kyle Rittenhouse and White Supremacy

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Kyle Rittenhouse and White Supremacy

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

It’s not just that ad. There is a speech by Joe Biden where he basically refers to Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old, as a white supremacist. As the letter mentions from Lin Wood, there is zero factual basis for this. It’s an incredibly damning, negative, factually wrong statement by the campaign. The fact that Joe Biden is a politician does not give him free rein to defame people. It’s reckless, it is wrong, and it should not be allowed, this type of demagoguery destroying a 17-year-old. He is a citizen.

Right. I mean, we spend most of our time condemning Ted Wheeler for his feckless or worse treatment of Antifa in his town but this lady is literally light years ahead in the sense that she is glorifying some of the biggest mass murderers in history, Stalin and Mao as well as guerrilla leader and head of death squads and assassination tribunals, Che Guevara, fellow traveler with the Castros. What is she signaling by this? A violent overthrow of our government, executing her enemies, killing millions of people? There is no good messaging out of this but she is on track to win this election the way things are going. That’s really scary for the residents of Portland. Shannon.

No, I don’t know. Maybe the polls in Portland are as fake as some of the polls we are seeing in the presidential election. People don’t like Ted Wheeler’s leadership. He’s been condemned by both sides. Maybe they don’t know enough about this lady but hopefully through this reporting people are going to realize it’s a frying pan into the fire here.

This guy is an anarchist, he’s obviously a psychopath. But, in terms of condemning the president being a tyrant, people are saying the same thing about Gretchen Whitmer and in fact courts have agreed with her critics in that regard. So, is she calling those courts that have agreed with criticism of her also people who are out to get her? No. She doesn’t like criticism like a lot of thin-skinned politicians and this is pure demagoguery, pure electioneering, totally baseless for her to do what she’s doing.

Thank you, Shannon.

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