Dhillon on 2020 Election Lawsuits

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss 2020 Election

Yes, this is great news, by the way each of the battleground states the state parties are playing a role. Here I’ve seen the letter that the state parties lawyers have sent in very good lawyers there and the allegation is this, it’s based on documents, they can. The people who voted to the address change list which is on file with the state to compare how many people move out of the state, that is over 3600 people and none of those people are eligible to vote yet they did vote, not that they got a ballot, they actually voted. When you look at the registry of people who moved, that is under inclusive by 50%. The estimate is as many as 7000 or more may have voted illegally, we know over 3000 of them did. So that in such a close race in Nevada could change the outcome of those Electoral College votes.

It is about 10000, slightly more than 10000 separating them right now so fighting over every vote is absolutely critical at this point.

Earlier today they were not permitting them beyond 30-foot bicycle barrier after that injunction and getting creamed in the media concerning it. Later this afternoon, I just spoke to one of my law from colleges partner, they allowed people into the room but there is a table here and then accounting is happening way over there. It’s really the same problem that there in the room now but the actual counting is several rows of tables away, it’s a functional equivalent of being separated by several dozen feet and it’s impossible to see whether the doing hanky-panky with the ballots. That’s really the point both sides need to be there but one side is there because you democratic poll workers who are probably flying the bite flag and we don’t have republican poll workers much less observers. That is the problem.

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