Dhillon on 2020, Kamala Harris

Dhillon on 2020, Kamala Harris

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Fox and Friends First’ To Discuss 2020, Kamala Harris

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

She started out as a challenger to her boss, for district attorney in San Francisco and I was somebody who had newly moved to the city at the time and I met her during that campaign. She was just starting out on her career at that point. But, she had a pretty meteoric rise and as soon as she became the district attorney, she immediately began setting her sights on higher and higher office in California – attorney general then senator and I’m sure her sights are on the presidency in the near future as well. But the trail she left behind her was making promises, getting a position and then ignoring those promises or breaking them in favor of doing whatever was needed to get to that next position. So she changed her position on drug use and criminalization, on immigration, on crime, on parole, on everything to get the prosecutor position and attorney general position, she was so-called tough on crime but she’s abandoned those positions now in her quest for further power.

Well, I litigated against her office when she was the attorney general and I had a case involving civil rights of a religious minority, the Sikh man who wanted a job in the prison department. Kamala Harris and her team litigated against that and defended the state’s bigotry against this person of faith. I ultimately won the case, won a settlement with the state but only after I brought national pressure to bear. More recently, I just sued Kamala Harris earlier this year for her role in prosecuting pro-life journalist David Daleiden at the Center for Medical Progress. We believe that she and people in her office violated his civil rights and selectively prosecuting him for undercover journalism which nobody else has ever been prosecuted for in California.

She’s not the law and order candidate anymore. Her history was indiscriminately throwing poor people and black people in jail for petty crimes in San Francisco to build her record. That is her record but she’s abandoned that. Today, her position is, she believes felons in prison maybe should be able to vote, she’s in favor of letting people out, she’s in favor of open borders, she’s in favor of decriminalizing drugs which she was once jailing people for. She has decided in a very cunning way that that’s what’s going to advance her agenda and that is all she cares about, just to be very blunt. There is no core, there is no center to Kamala Harris, it is simply opportunism and what will get her to the next role. And so, I think Tulsi Gabbard really hit the nail on the head, Kamala Harris covered up shortcomings of her prosecutors, the drug lab there in San Francisco, she left a trail of injustice behind her.

Happy to be here, thank you.

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